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CryptoToday: We Strive to Have the Biggest and Smartest Blockchain Community

Mon, 02/14/2022 - 12:58
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CryptoToday to provide the community with a transparent environment
CryptoToday: We Strive to Have the Biggest and Smartest Blockchain Community
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Let's start with the problem

Currency listing and tracking protocols lack community verification. With the current situation on the market, you can only see fairly established projects and get a shallow view of what the project is all about – no community exposure, no decision-making.

Two of the biggest centralized players facing “glitches” and making “mistakes” that quite by chance become very profitable.

The task is to educate the community and provide them with a transparent environment in which they will come to the conclusion through their own research and decide what is profitable and what is not without any “accidental influence”.

CryptoToday as the answer to centralization and lack of transparency

CryptoToday is an upcoming decentralized crypto data and listing platform made by the community for the community. Listing a project in the early stages of building a community takes a lot of time to get exposure and spread out the word. The project wants to get listed on a site to get validation and social proof.

As centralized aggregators don’t accept payments for listings, so-called agencies came to scoop off the top. The unsavoury dark market allows those agencies to take enormous sums to “get your listing through”. Going through the agency doesn’t guarantee your listing, and the whole process is very ill-mannered.

Why is CryptoToday different?

  • Fill out and submit the listing proposal
  • You instantly get on the community voting page, the community checks and validates the information you provided, and at most 108 hours you are listed.
  • Not only are you listed, but you got massive exposure from the community, and guess what? They have already thoroughly checked out your whitepaper.
  • Getting listed and voted by the community and all that true the blockchain and fully decentralized.

What about the users who vote? They are not left out.

Vote 2 Earn

All users that are an active part of the CryptoToday community can earn while validating information in the given project proposals. After checking the provided information and ticking checkboxes, the user can lock his $LIST tokens into the vote.

Once the voting time expires, the majority of votes are the successful ones that share the reward pool given by the project.

Fair launch on March 7th 2022

-           The listing is extremely fast (108h at most) and fair

-           No VC's

-           No presale

-           Everything is community-based

-           Newly listed projects will instantly have high community awareness (free marketing)

-           Vote 2 earn will award those who vote the most

On the fair launch which is scheduled for March 7th 2022, you get 10% of the tokens, with the remaining 90% unlocked at a rate of 10% monthly, supporting holders and proper believers in the decentralized crypto space.

Locked liquidity will be provided on Uniswap and every single investor token will be unlocked before any team tokens will be available -

You can check more about CryptoToday on their website and in the whitepaper. Also do not hesitate to follow them on Twitter, Telegram and Discord -

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