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Coinbase Launches Educational Project with Rewards in Zcash (ZEC)

  • Yuri Molchan
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    US-based Coinbase crypto exchange announces the launch of an educational Earn ZEC page where users can learn about the Zcash platform and earn some ZEC

Coinbase Launches Educational Project with Rewards in Zcash (ZEC)

On Friday, Feb. 15, in its blog the Coinbase exchange has spread word about the start of a special Earn ZEC Page, where customers can learn stuff about the Zcash platform. The reward for this will be privacy-oriented ZEC coins.

Coinbase has emailed its customers invitations with a link to its new educational page that offers up to $3 in ZEC for studying details about the privacy coin Zcash.

Zcash is a must to learn

Zcash is a coin which employs the latest achievements in cryptography so that its users can keep their financial transactions private when making crypto payments. The platform offers them to utilize to kinds of addresses – ‘transparent’ and ‘shielded’ ones. This can be explained on the example of HTTP and HTTPS.

The unencrypted option of Zcash operations is open and fully transparent. This enables third parties track those transactions and data about them. The shielded (encrypted) version of the software makes all the data private, thus protecting transactions. This way, your financial data will not be sold, shared by anyone, not even spied on.

In order to make users deeply acquainted with this technology, Coinbase created the Earn ZEC Page, where videos and other learning materials on Zcash are available.


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Rewards will be one of the major aspects of crypto usage

The author of the Coinbase blog post believes that along with mining crypto and purchasing it, earning coins for various activities will be another important aspect of acquiring tokens in the future. By launching this mini project, the exchange wants to encourage and stimulate people educating themselves on various aspects of crypto.

Binance running a similar project

Last year, the Binance exchange launched a similar educational project. However, it is much bigger than the one with Zcash – Binance offers a whole lot of educational materials on various aspects of crypto and blockchain on the site of its Binance Academy project, translated into many languages.

It does not offer any rewards in crypto, though, but on the other hand – all materials there are entirely free of charge.

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