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CINDX Joins Credits To Deepen Blockchain Development

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 15:44
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Antony Koroid
The investing hub for crypto assets without special knowledge CINDX announced the start of a partnership with open source blockchain platform Credits
CINDX Joins Credits To Deepen Blockchain Development
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The investing hub for crypto assets without special knowledge CINDX announced the start of a partnership with the Credits platform.

It is an open source blockchain platform with high scalability and power based on the peer-to-peer principles designed for the financial and Internet-of-Things (I-o-T) sector.


Credits’ functionality assumes the development of decentralized applications and smart-contracts with additional options that such as cycles and a chart to optimize financial transactions. The platform is capable of processing more than a million transactions per second with low fees of $0.001.

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In partnership with Credits, CINDX intends to get new resources for self development. In particular, the higher capacity of its blockchain will ensure the continuity of user service, despite the possible blockage of blockchain transactions.

“It is crucial for CINDX to provide its customers continuity of the service. The latter can be achieved only with a blockchain capable of sustaining hundreds of thousands of transactions in second and low transaction fees. We presume Credits’ capabilities may exceed our expectations and we can't wait to start our cooperation,” noted the CEO of the project, Yury Avdeev.


CINDX is an investment platform that allows traders to combine multiple individual cryptocurrency accounts into one trading terminal with the ability to work with a personal manager without additional transactions. Investors have the opportunity to choose an expert advisor for their portfolio, whose trading statistics are recorded in the blockchain. Blockchain transactions allow to save trading histories, and with the rating system it distinguishes successful managers from less successful ones.

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The project started in early 2018, launched its ICO in Q2, and by the end of the year intends to roll out the A-version of the platform.  CINDX received good marks on Icobench, where their rating is 4.4 points. At the same time, with the declared WP soft cap level of $6 mln in early October the developers announced they achieved it with the amount of only $2.5 mln.

“CINDX Platform clinics $2.5 million investment deal and closes its soft cap,” the developers said on Twitter.

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