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Cardano Founder Pokes Fun at Ethereum Classic, Here's What Happened

Sat, 22/10/2022 - 13:19
Cardano Founder Pokes Fun at Ethereum Classic, Here's What Happened
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In a tweet, Bob Summerwill, ETC Cooperative executive director, stated that the primary verified Ethereum Classic Twitter account, eth_classic, has been suspended. He maintains that the reason for this remains unclear as Twitter provided no helpful information. He added, "I suspect it is likely an automatic false-positive action. Nothing controversial was posted. I have lodged an appeal. I do not suspect anybody reported it."


Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson, who got wind of the news, tweeted: "This just crossed my desk a few minutes ago. Did the eth_classic Twitter handle seriously just get suspended?"

When a Twitter user suggested an appeal be made to restore the account, Hoskinson poked fun, saying: "I'm sure they will get a 70-paragraph email."


The primary account of the Ethereum Classic project, which is now suspended, has been mired in controversy in recent months.

Charles Hoskinson was accused of insisting on ownership of the Twitter account. Hoskinson claims that he "owns" the primary verified Ethereum Classic Twitter account (with 600,000 followers) and will not transfer it to the ETC community so that it can be used effectively. He will not even consider selling it. "Instead, he chooses to damage ETC," Summerwill wrote in a Sept. 6 tweet.

The controversy had the Ethereum Classic DAO community seeking a solution, tagging Twitter Support in a tweet: "What is your proposed solution to the Ethereum Classic open-source project's Twitter handle? Should we update the project's Twitter account to a different handle? How do we solve the current issue?"

Fast forward to Oct. 6, and Bob Summerwill accused Hoskinson of repurposing the account, noting that "6 years of community work had been erased."


The Ethereum Classic account had over 600,000 followers since its inception in July 2016, and up until Sept. 15, it was used to post about Ethereum Classic.

The account was now repurposed as the new community page for Ergo, a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain similar to Ethereum but affiliated with Cardano.

As reported by U.Today, Hoskinson slammed Ethereum Classic, calling it a "dead project with no purpose."


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