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BTC Price Is to Hit $14K by the End of 2019! Bears Strive to Crush Bitcoin Price Predictions

Sun, 05/05/2019 - 04:00
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Vera Yurina
Bitcoin price predictions from Twitter: Time for shorts, $14K BTC price by the end of 2019, and critical statistics
BTC Price Is to Hit $14K by the End of 2019! Bears Strive to Crush Bitcoin Price Predictions
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Recently, Bitcoin has managed to overcome the resistance line and break through the $5,300 level. That sparked a fire of optimism in traders’ minds. However, bears don’t sleep and strive to upset the plans for growth. What do Internet users think about Bitcoin’s future? Let’s read Bitcoin price predictions from Twitter and find out possible scenarios for Bitcoin development. Before we start, here are some interesting statistics about BTC usage in the USA:

Turns out, 11% of Americans own BTC reserves! Doesn’t it signal the growing potential of BTC? Massive adoption has already started, and may lead to the use of BTC payments on a regular basis (at the individual level). With all the chaos taking place in governments, people started realizing that BTC might be a better investment option than fiat. But won’t this bubble burst?

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Short-term BTC price perspectives

Not that there’s a 100% guarantee of BTC’s price, but Twitter users see great opportunities and possibilities. Yes, BTC has managed to break $5,300 again, but it has to hold the positions:

The crypto market in general is about to go through the new bull wave:

On the contrary, some are convinced that the last successful period for BTC is about to end, and it will soon reach the bottom:

As for the bottom line, opinions differ: while the majority of users predict the BTC bottom will be around $4,000-$4,200, others claim the bottom is around ~$1,800.

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A few technical indicators signify that BTC’s bearish trend is about to return on the market. Look at this chart:

Judging by the history of cryptocurrency price, the massive bearish market could have always been predicted according to some certain signals. At the moment, we have to wait for another similar signal and watch both BTC’s performance and the overall condition of the crypto market:

However, the recent drop might be the right time to enter the market before it’s too late:

Long-term BTC price projections & trading plans

If you still doubt whether BTC trading is profitable, here’s a hint for you:

However, if you’re not ready to wait long, you can try staking on shorts. In the current market conditions, many traders prefer shorting and are switching their attention to alts:

Final thoughts

When it comes to Bitcoin price predictions, no one can provide 100% reliable forecasts – despite the growing stability, BTC surprises us with its sudden twists and turns. In the long term, it’s possible for BTC to reach the promised $14,000. However, in the short term, it might be volatile. The recent $5,300 price is not a complete victory over bears – they are here, waiting to break support.

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