Bitcoin Is Going to Hit $100,000 and Will Destroy Anyone Who Gets in Its Way: Max Keiser

Thu, 07/09/2020 - 13:12
Yuri Molchan
Max Keiser explained why Bitcoin is finally going to break $100,000 and what the PPP bailouts have to do with it. He also slammed XRP, Cardano and ShapeShift
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In his recent show on ‘Russia Today’, the prominent Bitcoin supporter and TV host, Max Keiser, talked Bitcoin and discussed the recent PPP bailouts for businesses, saying that Bitcoin will now rise to $100,000 per coin and destroy anyone who gets in its way.

Cardano, ConsenSys, Shapeshift taking the PPP money

Max Keiser reminded the audience of the recent PPP bailouts for US-based businesses, among which were 75 blockchain companies, including such giants as ShapeShift, IOHK USA LLC (the company behind Cardano), ConsenSys and Tron.

Max Keiser slams the PPP-receivers

Max Keiser has slammed these company heads, Joe Lubin and Erik Voorhees in particular, claiming that they are of weak character and mentioning that he also gave a seed investment to ShapeShift.

He rebuked the entrepreneurs for taking these loans from the Fed because when the bailouts had just started, Crypto Twitter was claiming that the printed cash was worthless.

As reported by U.Today, Max Keiser praised the principles and integrity of his ‘enemy’ on the Bitcoin field – Peter Schiff, who also bashed the PPP loans.

Max Keiser Sides with Peter Schiff While Bashing Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson

Comparing crypto companies in 2020 to banks in 2009

The reason Charles Hoskinson gave to Keiser when justifying IOHK taking the money was the fact that his rivals would get it anyway and he would have to take the PPP cash so as not to give them any chance at surpassing IOHK.

Max Keiser reminded the audience of the bailouts banks received back in the 2008-2009 crisis when the head of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon said that the Fed basically forced the bank to take the bailouts despite the bank not necessarily needing it.

The situation is repeating itself now, said Keiser, as renowned crypto companies are taking money from an organization they have basically been struggling against – the Fed and the US government – while they most likely do not need the money to support their payrolls.

Bitcoin to reach $100,000, ‘XRP is total garbage’

Bitcoin is going to rise to $100,000 and destroy altcoin projects in 2020-2021, Keiser stated.

“It’s going to go up to $100,000 per coin but it’s going to destroy everyone who gets in its way. So, all these altcoin posers and government subsidy-welfare bums will be eviscerated by the one true bitcoin. It’s about time…”
“ShapeShift people, shame on you!”

Keiser stated that many of these altcoin companies are going to get their lunches eaten by Bitcoin – on this list Keiser also mentioned Ripple’s XRP (calling it total garbage) and EOS.

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