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Bitcoin Dev Gavin Andresen: Ethereum Will Power the Best Thing in Crypto This Year

Thu, 2/01/2020 - 14:49
Bitcoin Dev Gavin Andresen: Ethereum Will Power the Best Thing in Crypto This Year
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Gavin Andresen, the famous IT engineer that took part in developing Bitcoin products back in 2010, believes that so far the most interesting things in the crypto industry (for the last two years) have been built on Ethereum.

In 2020 he expects the most interesting thing to be powered by Ethereum too. However, the Tron chief Justin Sun disagrees and invites Andresen to chat on ‘how to build something amazing on Tron’.

Betting on Ethereum again

Gavin Andresen seems to believe that Ethereum is the best platform for dApps. In his tweet, he stated that in 2017 the most interesting thing in crypto was CryptoKitties and and 2018 it was PoolTogether. Both of them are built on Ethereum.

This year, he says, it will be the same, making a bet on Vitalik Buterin’s platform.

A Bitcoin activist Udi Wertheimer suggests Andresen should consider Tron as a basis for something interesting in the crypto sphere as well.

Justin Sun offers Andresen to chat about dApps

The chief executive of Tron, Justin Sun, joined the discussion. He stated that Tron is now platform number 1 for dApps. Sun offered Gavin Andresen to chat about Tron and how to ‘build something amazing’ on it.

Earlier, Justin Sun posted a tweet, saying that as per, four out of five top dApps on its list are powered by Tron.


Tron dApps on the rating list shows that these dApps are WINk, BETFURY (both are to do with betting) and the Poloni DEX exchange (the former TRXMarket dex). Number one dApp on this list is DLive. So far it is based on the LINO chain but recently, Justin Sun announced that DLive is now migrating to Tron.

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Tron has been competing with Ethereum and EOS for the last two years, after both Tron and EOS jumped off Ethereum to their own mainnets.


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