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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Is Predicted to Reach $9K Soon – Top Bitcoin Price Scenarios May 2019

Mon, 05/20/2019 - 15:00
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Vera Yurina
Bitcoin has two main scenarios to actualize. Which one is more possible? BTC price forecasts from Twitter are here to clear it up
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Is Predicted to Reach $9K Soon – Top Bitcoin Price Scenarios May 2019
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After the recent -12% drop, Bitcoin seems to have given up, so traders wonder in which direction it should go now – hit a couple of new highs, or finally make a retracement. Indeed, numerous technical indicators show different things, and it’s hard to say for sure. Let’s check out Bitcoin price predictions from Twitter users to see what they think about Bitcoin’s future, and which possible BTC scenarios are likely to come true.

BTC still has power to hit $9-10K target

This is one of the most popular versions. Many analysts and traders suggest that $8,000 isn’t the final high – BTC should spike higher. They claim that it will make one more jump before bears start attacking the market.

This is another perfect example of what the majority of people think:

Another question is whether BTC will be able to overcome the $8,300 resistance for good. This is a very critical level for BTC right now, especially when it fell to $7,200:

Here’s the Most Reasonable Explanation Why Bitcoin’s Price Surged to New Highs

Some optimists still blindly hope that BTC will touch the $20K area in this run, which actually doesn’t seem possible anymore.

Bears have come

Yes, it was be logical and expected – after such a significant jump, BTC should have retraced to accumulate new powers. Here’s what people suggested:

Finally, here’s the best piece of advice for traders:

We all know that the upcoming bearish period won’t be too dramatic. Bitcoin will overcome it, too, and reach new glorious heights soon.

Final thoughts

At the moment, we have two major types of scenarios:

  1. Ultra-bearish. BTC has ended its bull run and started falling to the bottom. Traders should be out of the market. The recent $7.200 bottoming has proved that.

  2. Delayed bearish - it’s not over yet. BTC should nosedive, but before that, it will accumulate powers to make a final jump to some $9-10K level. It will happen if Bitcoin breaks $8,300 resistance for good. After that, it will naturally retrace and start a new accumulation. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to be a viable scenario.

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