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Binance CEO Trolls Jim Cramer, Uphold Head of Research Shares Surprising Prediction on XRP, Bill Gates Pours Cold Water on Web3: Crypto News Digest by U.Today

Mon, 01/16/2023 - 15:14
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Valeria Blokhina
Let’s see what crypto news the past weekend has brought us with U.Today’s news digest!
Binance CEO Trolls Jim Cramer, Uphold Head of Research Shares Surprising Prediction on XRP, Bill Gates Pours Cold Water on Web3: Crypto News Digest by U.Today
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U.Today presents to you the top four news stories over the past weekend.

Binance CEO trolls Jim Cramer as Bitcoin (BTC) hits $21,500

It looks like a failed crypto prediction by Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's Mad Money show, has not been left unnoticed by the crypto community. Namely, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao himself has taken to Twitter to comment on its accuracy. In the mentioned prediction from Jan. 9, Cramer urged his followers to use the opportunity to get out of crypto as it "can't be trusted." However, since then, the biggest crypto on the market, Bitcoin, has managed to spike from $16,000 to $20,000 in less than a week, which was noted by the Binance chief. CZ also asked Cramer to keep on spreading FUD about crypto so that the market will continue to rise.

XRP's most surprising price prediction shared by Uphold head of research

Dr. Martin Hiesboeck, head of research at Uphold, has recently shared a conversation with ChatGPT, a chatbot launched by OpenAI. In this conversation, ChatGPT was asked to make a guess about when the XRP token will moon. After some prodding, the chatbot named the moon date for XRP as March 23, 2023. It also wrote that it is going to get the biggest bag before it moons and then sail off into the sunset. The final words of ChatGPT’s surprising prediction were "XRP to $589,000, Up yours XRPP," allegedly referring to the satirical Twitter account known as "XRP the Standard Productions."

SEC v. Ripple: Crypto Lawyer Makes Sensational Predictions for 2023

Bill Gates pours cold water on Web3 and crypto

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has taken to Reddit to roll out his 11th ask-me-anything session on the platform. During the session, Reddit user DWright_5 asked Gates if there is any "mammoth technology shift like the Internet" going on at the moment, to which the billionaire replied that in his opinion, artificial intelligence (AI) is "the big one." At the same time, Gates noted that he does not think of Web3 as being big and metaverse being “revolutionary,” dampening the hopes of those who expect these technologies to become the next fad.

Here's what fueled Solana's (SOL) massive 50% rise in hours

Last weekend was quite lucky for Solana as its native coin, SOL, saw a massive 50% spike within a few hours. According to Santiment analytics firm, the reason behind such astonishing growth might be a "short squeeze," a rapid increase in the price of an asset owing primarily to excessive short selling. The other factors that could cause the spike on SOL’s price could be the recent success of Solana-based meme token BONK and the significant activity on the Solana blockchain. According to Citi Research, several of Solana’s key metrics, including active addresses and daily NFT volume, had recovered to levels seen before the FTX crash.

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