Baidu’s SAFI System May Help You Find Your Lost Pets

Fri, 04/06/2018 - 09:28
Beixi Xu
Baidu announced a SAFI (System of Animal Facial Identification) system earlier this week to protect pet’s safety. This is the first time Baidu applies their AI vision tec
Baidu’s SAFI System May Help You Find Your Lost Pets
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Baidu has announced a SAFI(System of Animal Facial Identification) system earlier this week to protect pet’s safety and rights. This is the first time that Baidu has applied their AI vision technology into animal’s facial identification.

The new system is based on Baidu’s big data, cloud computing and machine learning. SAFI has already been installed near dog bowls, entrances, delivery pick-up places and grocery stores. With the help of AI, pets can easily feed themselves, pick up deliveries and buy stuff for their owners.

According to Baidu’s technician, the concept of SAFI was put forward last September and iterated four times before it launched. The online “dog facial identification” product was their first attempt, and specially designed for dogs. The reason why they chose dogs is because dogs are the most common pets and they also need protection and help.

Before the launching of this product, SAFI had several internal tests in communities. According to the testers, after one week’s orientation training, most pets can perfectly fit the system and they don’t need to bring their dogs to pets stores when they travel or on a business trip. The most convenient function for SAFI system is that people can track their dog’s current location on mobile app in the real time.


“I am really curious about this technology and I want my Qiu Qiu to have a try,” said Qian Li, dog owner in Xi’an. “I like their GPS function, I lost my dog before and I don’t want to lose him for the second time, it’s so heartbreaking.”

When a new technology appears, people always have lots of concerns, there are already hundreds of thousands of comments on Chinese social media Weibo after Baidu launched this product. Whether AI technology will be widely used at home is still a question.

“I enjoy walking with my dog, and I don’t want him to be a machine,” said Xufei Geng in an interview. “I have lots of concerns for SAFI and if the price is too high, I prefer to send my dog to a pet store for good caring.”

The company said SAFI will test more animals in the coming future and it will also expand its function such as using the facial picture to find the lost pets.


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