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ZK.Work Mining Platform Joins Aleo Incentivized Testnet 3

Fri, 12/02/2022 - 12:00
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Vladislav Sopov
ZK.Work, new-gen proof mining team, has officially started its participation in Aleo’s incentivized testnet’s third iteration
ZK.Work Mining Platform Joins Aleo Incentivized Testnet 3
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Aleo, an upcoming Layer 1 blockchain that employs the most impressive developments in zero-knowledge cryptography, is entering the next phase of its stress testing. Its partner, ZK.Work, is ready to enhance the security and scalability of the much-anticipated release.

ZK.Work joins Aleo Incentivized Testnet 3: details

According to the official announcement shared by the ZK.Work team, a revolutionary ZKP-centric mining solution, it is ready to take part in Incentivized Testnet 3 of Aleo blockchain.

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Incentivized Testnet 3 is set to roll out the crucial functions envisaged by Aleo’s roadmap, including deploying and executing user-defined programs. In the latest phase of stress testing so far, ZK.Work was ranked second among all participants. As such, its contribution is of crucial importance to the Aleo ecosystem and its products.

For ZK.Work, this testing looks challenging yet inspiring. The protocol is going to set new benchmarks in incentivizing the development of hardware for zkSNARK generation and proving.

While backing the most ambitious initiatives in the L1 segment, ZK.Work attempts to strengthen its presence as a leading-edge mining service provider.

Open-source GPU software to be released soon

Prior to joining Aleo’s Incentivized Testnet Phase 3, ZK.Work unveiled its own version of CPU mining software and integrated the official third-party GPU software. Meanwhile, ZK.Work is going to unveil its own GPU software to guarantee secure and inclusive mining opportunities for all ecosystem participants.

ZK.Work joins the upcoming testing phase with upgraded software and hardware equipment. In the second iteration of Aleo’s testnet, over 10,000 nodes will be connected to the system; ZK.Work has demonstrated extraordinary strength and performance.

ZK.Work is proud to be a part of Aleo, a promising L1 on zero-knowledge computation, always ready to adjust its infrastructure to the latest developments of Aleo’s engineers. ZK.Work also educates its community on the progress demonstrated by the Aleo ecosystem and the challenges it addresses.

The collaboration of the two teams is set to introduce a new building block of the ZK-based decentralized applications ecosystem in Web3.

Crucial infrastructure element of Aleo ecosystem: What is ZK.Work?

As covered by U.Today previously, ZK.Work made headlines in April 2022 by joining the first common projects with Aleo’s L1 ecosystem.

6Block, Focusing on ZK Computing, Has Officially Launched Its Mining Platform for Zero Knowledge Proofs: ZK.Work

In mid-July 2022, ZK.Work announced Iron Fish Testnet, a massive testing campaign with over 10,000 participants. During the entire testing period, all mining operations for professionals and newbies were organized totally free of charge.

A massive 10,000 IRON prize pool was announced to incentivize the participation of node operators and validators; prizes were distributed on a daily basis.

Aleo blockchain is the first-ever fully ZK-based platform that attempts to compete with Ethereum (ETH) in terms of scalability, performance and decentralization. Its endgame milestone is promoted as building and maintaining an "Ultimate Toolkit for Building Zero-Knowledge Applications."

Without a single trade-off in terms of scalability, speed, decentralization, performance and inclusiveness, Aleo platform is going to accomplish the scalability of thousands of transactions per second. That said, it has all the chances to become the most scalable and powerful third-generation blockchain for dApps in the DeFi and NFT era.

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