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XRPL's Evernode Airdrop: What's Next for 2024?

Sat, 30/12/2023 - 15:46
XRPL's Evernode Airdrop: What's Next for 2024?
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In a detailed post, popular XRP community expert who goes by @krippenreiter on X (formerly Twitter) shared a manual for XRPL enthusiasts interested in getting the first batch of Evernode's EVRS airdrop.

XRPL's Evernode airdrop: How to meet it locked and loaded

In mid-December 2023, enthusiasts of XRP Ledger and its programmable L2 Evernode successfully made it through address registration and software update phases of the hotly anticipated EVRS airdrop. As such, now airdrop hunters should prepare themselves for the Evernode mainnet kicking off, @krippenreiter says in his recent manual on X.

The Evernode (EVRS) launch is set to happen Jan. 15, 2024. To become the first claimers of its core native asset EVRS, XRPL community members should configure and bond their wallets.

First, Xaman (formerly XUMM) wallet software should be properly updated to version 2.0 in order to make its user eligible for airdrop activities.

Regular keys should be configured, and cold wallets r-addresses should be included in the Xaman app in the "Read Only" mode. Meanwhile, the XRPL account ("regular key") should be added in the "Full Access" mode.

Then, the wallet should be connected to Evernode in order to interact with the network upon its mainnet activation:

What's Next? We registered our r-address, imported it into Xahau, & then linked it to the right Evers token issuer, @EvernodeXRPL. The very last step following the launch of Evernode will be to sign yet another TX to receive your Evers from the hook smart contract

As covered by U.Today previously, over 18,800 XRP Ledger enthusiasts are eligible for the upcoming Evernode airdrop.

XRPL AMM activation faces challenges in December

In total, more than 208 million XRP tokens were stored in eligible wallets at the time of the snapshot a few weeks ago.

Xahau Network and its associated network Evernode are among the most advanced attempts to equip the XRP Ledger mainnet with smart contract functionality.

Another XRPL programmability track, the "XRP AMM" amendment, in contrast, seems to be losing steam. As of today, only 44.12% of XRPL validators signaled support of the amendment.


Previously, the amendment was one step away from approval, but some validator revoked its support.


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