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XRP Community Is a "Cult," Says Fox Business Anchor

Mon, 07/17/2023 - 05:37
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Alex Dovbnya
Fox Business anchor Charles Gasparino finds himself at the center of a fervent debate with XRP supporters after his recent analysis of Ripple's legal battle with the SEC
XRP Community Is a "Cult," Says Fox Business Anchor
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Fox Business anchor Charles Gasparino finds himself in the crossfire of XRP supporters, who he's recently dubbed as a "cult." In a series of tweets, Gasparino described his tumultuous relationship with the XRP community, portraying it as a challenging yet thrilling part of his work. "When I wrote what XRP crowd loved they called me a hero. When I reported a few things they hate, I’m public enemy No 1," Gasparino wrote in one tweet, underscoring the volatile response he garners from the XRP community.

The larger context of Gasparino's run-ins with the XRP community is Ripple's ongoing legal battle with the SEC. Ripple, the company associated with the cryptocurrency XRP, is facing potential fines of up to $1 billion. In a recent series of tweets, Gasparino questioned Ripple's strategy to handle this substantial sum. He pointed out that the company might need to either dip into its $1 billion cash reserves or dilute its XRP holdings.

'XRP Is on Shaky Ground,' Says SEC Official: Prepare for Appeal
The Fox Business anchor's contentious relationship with XRP supporters recently escalated when he inadvertently promoted a scam associated with XRP. In an attempt to highlight Ripple's alleged disassociation with XRP, Gasparino quote-tweeted a post claiming to be from Ripple.

The tweet announced a Coinbase partnership and invited followers to join their community. This tweet, however, was soon flagged as a scam by members of the XRP community, leading to further criticism of Gasparino.

Critics like Twitter user King Solomon pointed out Gasparino's error, stating, "You literally just quote tweeted a scam post." Another user, known as XRP_Cro, reiterated that Ripple has never organized an airdrop event for the XRP community, implying Gasparino should have been aware of this.

An interview with Garlinghouse? 

As reported by U.Today, Gasparino poured some cold water on the high-profile ruling in the Ripple v. SEC case, questioning whether or not it was actually a win for the San Francisco-based company while the market was digesting the ruling following a short-lived bout of euphoria that propelled the XRP price to fourth place on CoinMarketCap. He also clarified that he hadn't personally sought an interview with Garlinghouse.

In response, Garlinghouse extended an invitation to Gasparino to discuss the facts in the Fox Business studio. He asserted that any portrayal of the SEC case as a split victory was "pathetic." In his view, Ripple had emerged victorious on all critical aspects of the case, a perspective he claimed was supported not just by Ripple's lawyers, but by many others in the legal profession as well.

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