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Wallet Crypto Red Launched All-In-One Wallet with Mixer and Trading Module: Details

Thu, 09/16/2021 - 14:32
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Vladislav Sopov
Wallet Crypto Red (WCR) is a one-stop solution pack for secure and easy trading
Wallet Crypto Red Launched All-In-One Wallet with Mixer and Trading Module: Details
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On-chain cryptocurrency wallets garnered particular attention in 2020-2021 amidst the DeFi and NFT euphorias. However, this segment still lacks multi-purpose easy-to-use ecosystems working with multiple blockchains outside of Ethereum (ETH).

Wallet Crypto Red developed by a team of blockchain veterans addresses the sphere of cross-chain products for traders with various levels of expertise.

Multi-chain ecosystem for everyone: Introducing Wallet Crypto Red

Wallet Crypto Red is a multi-chain open source wallet written with React.js library. It allows secure and anonymous storage and exchange of multiple assets, including flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), its oldest fork Litecoin (LTC), early privacy-focused cryptocurrency Dash (DASH), red-hot memetic coin Dogecoin (DOGE) and Supernode-Proof-of-Stake-based token VSystems (VSYS).

Wallet Crypto Red releases multi-chain wallet
Image by Wallet Crypto Red

All assets can be deposited with no KYC: Wallet Crypto Red can be a platform of choice for those who care about their privacy. It only takes a few clicks to set up the account, receive keypairs and start operating funds.

Wallet Crypto Red allows to trade Bitcoin (BTC) seamlessly
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For every cryptocurrency, the market dynamics and CoinGecko’s trading statistics are displayed. As such, users can zoom out and see the broadest market context.

Swaps, mixer, encrypted messaging

Besides on-chain deposits/withdrawals with no platform custody over users’ funds and keys, Wallet Crypto Red has released a number of instruments useful for cryptocurrencies enthusiasts.

First, Wallet Crypto Red created a coin mixer, i.e., a service that allows to obfuscate transaction data in order to make an activity in blockchain untraceable. Once Bitcoins (BTC) enter the mixer, its tools release random coins: as such, remittances cannot be recovered via transaction output analysis.

The token swap module allows for a one-click exchange between two assets. Unlike traditional trading platforms, Wallet Crypto Red has no orderbooks, so it may be much more useful for crypto newbies than the majority of similar services.

With Coin ATM Radar service integrated by Wallet Crypto Red, crypto enthusiasts can find the most comfortable crypto-to-fiat ATM to convert their cash into Bitcoins (BTC) and other mainstream coins.

Finally, Wallet Crypto Red offers NaCl-powered encryption for text messages. This cryptography library (pronounced “Salt”) allows users to encrypt random messages with private and public keys. Even users with zero previous expertise in privacy techniques can experiment with NaCl due to Wallet Crypto Red integration.

Open source wallet for DeFi era

Besides trading, coins obfuscating and encrypted messaging, the Wallet Crypto Red team published a short wiki to cover the basics of blockchains and cryptography and explore all of the functions of the platform.

WalletCryptoRed releases Wiki
Image via Wallet Crypto Red

The entire architecture of Wallet Crypto Red is 100% open source. All elements of the wallets can be checked in the repositories of its team’s GitHub. The wallet is available with an MIT license “as is,” so it can be used for free without any warranties.

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