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Ultiverse Leverages Unreal Engine 5 for Next Generation of Metaverse Games

Thu, 08/04/2022 - 15:21
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Vladislav Sopov
Novel MetaFi ecosystem Ultiverse employs latest Unreal Engine 5 to make on-chain games more immersive than ever before
Ultiverse Leverages Unreal Engine 5 for Next Generation of Metaverse Games
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Ultiverse, a cutting-edge Metaverse project, implements the best technical and design concepts of Web2 gaming in novel on-chain ecosystems.

Ultiverse integrates Unreal Engine 5 into Web3 games, here’s how

Amid the Crypto Winter that has affected all cryptocurrency markets, sustainable projects that introduce valuable Web3 concepts are continuing their development process. Ultiverse, a new-gen gaming product, shares the latest updates on its progress.

Ultiverse allows Web3 enthusiasts to benefit from the idea of MetaFi, a new phase of interaction between the GameFi and DeFi segments. MetaFi is focused on bringing the next generation of users into “immersive social gaming.”

Ultiverse also develops software and content compatible with VR/AR devices, including AAA-games, films, visualization, infographics and so on. To ensure an unmatched gaming experience — compared with that of Web2 big names including The Matrix and The Witcher — Ultiverse employs Unreal Engine 5 mechanisms.

Last but not least, Ultiverse allows crypto users to seamlessly mint NFTs in a no-code manner. Ultiverse creates 2D and 3D NFTs and integrates them into mainstream on-chain gaming ecosystems.

Ultiverse ecosystem approaches crucial announcements in Q4, 2022

Ultiverse’s products allow crypto enthusiasts to interact with each other through next-gen social gaming mechanisms. Its customers can express themselves in multi-dimensional worlds.

Ultiverse can assist users and teams in creating their own tokenomic designs for various products and systems in the NFT, DeFi and Metaverses segments. Also, it is building its own games, including Dark Fantasy, Endless Loop, Code:ES and so on.

What The Future of the Metaverse Will Look Like

Ultiverse made headlines in May 2022 as it completed a spectacular round of fundraising. In a seed funding round, Ultiverse managed to secure $4.5 million; this fundraising pushed its valuation over $50 million.

The round was co-led by Binance Lab and DeFiance Capital; Sequoia, Three Arrows Capital and Sky Vision Capital also backed Ultiverse in its fundraising efforts.

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