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SHIB on Verge of Golden Cross, XRP Briefly Jumps to $50 on Gemini, Cardano Successfully Mints BTC: Crypto News Digest by U.Today

Mon, 08/14/2023 - 15:14
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Valeria Blokhina
The latest crypto news and updates over the weekend in the U.Today news digest!
SHIB on Verge of Golden Cross, XRP Briefly Jumps to $50 on Gemini, Cardano Successfully Mints BTC: Crypto News Digest by U.Today
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U.Today provides you with an overview of the past weekend's crypto events with the top four news stories.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is on verge of golden cross

After adding 28% to its price over the last eight days, Shiba Inu found itself on the verge of a "golden cross" pattern. This has historically been a positive sign, pointing to the possible beginning of a strong upward trend. The rise of Shiba Inu was backed by a substantial increase in trading volume, as well as increased liquidity and market depth, which gave the meme coin the much-needed momentum. Together, these factors have opened the door for a potential golden cross, which could attract a new wave of investors and traders looking to capitalize on a possible upward trend.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Rockets to Record Highs Ahead of Thrilling Shibarium Debut

XRP briefly skyrockets to $50 on Gemini after listing

In an unexpected turn of events, XRP saw its price briefly surging to $50 on Gemini shortly after being listed on the exchange. However, the sudden price jump was just a glitch in Gemini's system, which could be caused by a range of factors: from order book imbalances to technical issues like latency and user interface errors. As previously reported by U.Today, XRP was added to the exchange on Thursday after multiple teasing posts on X social media platform. From now on, Gemini's customers can trade XRP for multiple currency pairs, including USD, GBP, EUR and more.

Cardano successfully mints BTC as big phase unfurled by network

On Aug. 8, Cardano saw the mainnet launch of the anetaBTC protocol, which brings on-chain wrapped BTC to blockchains. This marks a major milestone for Cardano, as it brings Bitcoin to the Cardano ecosystem, allowing users to effortlessly interact with both coins. This is not the only good news for Cardano enthusiasts; according to anetaBTC's official X account, on Aug. 12, Bitcoin was successfully minted on the Cardano mainnet. Per the post, the amount minted equals 1.706 cBTC, with cBTC standing for Bitcoin wrapped through the anetaBTC protocol. In total, 6.19 cBTC have been minted on the Cardano mainnet so far.

Two Cardano (ADA) Pairs Delisted on Major Exchange Following XRP Removal

Shibarium release countdown: Top exchange teases Shiba Inu token listing

In a recent X post, KuCoin crypto exchange hinted at the possibility of listing Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens. The post shows a picture resembling a calendar, with a Shiba Inu dog placed under the date of Aug. 12. The community also spotted an icon of a dog bone positioned under the dates of Aug. 15-16, which coincides with the release window of highly anticipated Shibarium Layer 2 solution. This made SHIB fans suggest that KuCoin could be set to list the BONE token in conjunction with the Shibarium launch. However, the cells referring to Aug. 13 and 14 remained empty, which raised another round of speculation. Some argued that the exchange may also add LEASH token to its list of supported cryptos on one of the remaining dates.

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