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Trust mining: Creating a Reliable Platform in the Cloud Mining Space

Mon, 01/31/2022 - 15:54
Trust mining: Creating a Reliable Platform in the Cloud Mining Space
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Classic is good, however, not when it comes to cryptocurrency. The mining of new crypto coins will become more difficult every day: the ranks of digital wealth hunters are replenishing, the number of unearned coins is decreasing, the complexity of calculations is increasing, the reward for each new block is decreasing. This is especially true for the most popular and coveted currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. After all, every miner wants to have BTC, LTC, and ETH on his wallet.

For mining, you need to purchase special computing equipment (starting price - $ 4,000), set up the software, upgrade the power grid of your apartment or premises for a mining farm, and make thermal and noise insulation. Therefore, the classic mining on your computer has been replaced by a new model of earning on cryptocurrencies, which was developed because of the current market situation and user needs. We are talking about Cloud Mining services. The user gets access to much more computing power, which expands his capabilities, and at the same time minimizes financial risks through third-party services that professionally perform all the functions associated with mining. You are not involved in the assembly, repair, and maintenance of the farm. Such mining is especially relevant for beginners who do not have experience and knowledge in the IT field but have a desire and money to earn cryptocurrency.

There are paid and free cloud mining offers. With the paid option, everything is simple and clear. The second type is hype-projects: the main task of which is to collect finances and disappear. Firstly they offer services for free, then for mere pennies, but they function until they reach a certain amount. Remember, nothing comes easy. Real professionals need to earn and cloud mining is no exception.

What is important when choosing a reliable cloud mining service or so-called “Trust mining”?

The service must be official and available to the public: no private groups and no "Members only" channels.

Quantity and quality of leased capacities.

Duration of contracts. If it is possible to buy short-term contracts - do it: it can protect you from unexpected market drops.

User Reviews and Service Fees: A service cannot be free.

One of the leading representatives of cloud mining is the H2Hashes company: the guys provide cloud mining services using renewable energy - the sun, air, and hydrogen.

H2Hashes allows you to purchase contracts for periods ranging from 60 to 360 days with capacities ranging from 300 to 2,352,000 GH/s. The minimum entry is $7, the most expensive contract is over $13,000. Payment is made in the main cryptocurrency BTC,
which allows the network to be secure and make payments in every corner of the globe. All you need to start is to go to the company's website and activate your account - then start receiving passive income.


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