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Tora Inu Tokens' Limited Supply is Making It More Likely That the Presale Will Be Sold Out

Sat, 11/26/2022 - 10:00
Tora Inu Tokens' Limited Supply is Making It More Likely That the Presale Will Be Sold Out
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Tora Inu tokens are selling out swiftly because to their limited supply, which is bringing the TORA presale's current phase to an end. As investors scramble to buy the new era memecoin, Tora Inu has so far been able to generate over $300,000 in just a few short weeks. Memecoin hunters appear to be enthusiastic about the token's deflationary mechanism, its P2E network, and its robust marketing strategies in the hopes of making money once the token ultimately releases on Tier-1 exchanges.

Unexpected Deflationary Mechanism Accelerating Presale Sales

Since the presale for the Tora Inu began on October 20th, it has raised more over $300,000 in just over two weeks. Due to the coin's unique deflationary and redistributive mechanism, investors are flocking to Tora Inu. The Tora Inu platform has an original token supply reduction mechanism that works as the network gains more users. Every purchase and sale is subject to a 3% buy-and-sell tax. The tax is utilized for burning and redistribution, which benefits investors by fostering a thriving token economy. The deflationary mechanisms will eventually shock the token's supply, increasing its scarcity over time. If the demand holds steady or increases, this ought to help TORA's value to skyrocket.

Although prior memecoins employed deflationary methods, the redistribution design is unique in that it rewards long-term TORA holders through the tax feature.

P2E Game that is Enjoyable and isn't Pay-to-Play

The roadmap indicates that investors are eager to take part in the distinctive play-to-earn game that Tora Inu will launch in Q3 2023. The fact that this P2E game will be totally skill-based and eliminate the opportunity for players to pay to boost their numbers is expected to raise the bar for the sector.

To participate in the P2E ecosystem, users must acquire an NFT, which comes with stats that are gradually improved over time as the player wins matches against other players and the environment.

P2E games typically allow players to boost their numbers by paying a charge. The Tora Inu squad contends that this should be changed since it differs from the way games should be played. Since they won't offer a mechanism for users to buy their way to better stats, the ecosystem will be focused on skill, with the best players receiving the greatest rewards.

The P2E game also has the distinctive feature of its prizes not coming from liquidity reserves. Instead, those that stake TORA tokens into a pool to play the game will receive the majority of the payouts. As a result, there are more transactions on the blockchain, which activates the redistribution and burning mechanisms and further deflates TORA.

A Potent Marketing Campaign is Planned

The contracts were confirmed by Solidproof, and the Tora Inu team has undergone KYC.

They have a wealth of marketing expertise and are aware that for the token to take off and reach the moon, it would require strong consumer demand and a sizable community. The team has prioritized a massive marketing campaign to advertise the token on the most read websites in the cryptocurrency sector.

The Tora Inu team is also aware that in order for the token to rival Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in popularity, it must be listed on numerous tier-1 exchanges. In order to have TORA listed on tier-1 and tier-2 exchanges, they have a CEX marketing push stated as one of the objectives.

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