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Stakenet (XSN) partner with an experienced Hardware Engineer and Post-doctorate Research Scientist for the development of XSN Hardware

Thu, 09/06/2018 - 13:48
Stakenet (XSN) partner with an experienced Hardware Engineer and Post-doctorate Research Scientist for the development of XSN Hardware
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Stakenet have this week announced the addition of two highly experienced individuals to the XSN Core Development Team to assist in the development of an innovative XSN Hardware Device. Vasyl Parovinchak, a Hardware Engineer with over 12 years’ experience and Che Stafford, a Post-doctorate Research Scientist, join the XSN Hardware division from their field of expertise.

Vasyl is a Hardware Engineer with over 12 years’ experience working with some of the biggest names of Silicon Valley, having serviced companies such as Apple and Virgin Healthcare. He has direct experience in the full development lifecycle of hardware from schematics, PCB development, firmware/software development and printing/production.

Che, a Post Doctorate at the Ludwig-Maximilians University working in the field of cellular biology and inflammation, is helping build a team of XSN Researchers who will assist in the authoring of scientific papers, develop partnerships in the medical field, and bridge Blockchain Technology X Life Sciences.

Che’s current work is a string of academic papers explaining how Blockchain X Bio-medical can work on a fundamental level. These papers will assist the XSN team in the creation of novel Hardware functionalities unique to XSN.

XSN Hardware, a division of Stakenet, working in partnership with XSN Core (Software team) & XSN Cloud (Cloud Staking & Services) aims to bridge the gap between the Blockchain digital world and real world with an innovative Cryptocurrency Hardware Device that will be more than just a cold-storage device. The team already has working prototypes prepared of initial version, which are currently going through rigorous testing for safety, security, and quality assurance. Protecting users’ assets is the upmost priority for Stakenet in the development of the upcoming line of products. The XSN Hardware team will soon have the ability to custom tailor devices to the XSN blockchain, giving the native tokens special, and unique intrinsic value not found elsewhere.

The development and building of XSN Hardware and testable prototypes will be available to the public in the coming months. For all the latest updates and news, follow @XSNofficial on Twitter or join Stakenet (XSN) on Discord. If you are interested in private testing, please contact @Shahab on Discord.


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