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SafeMoon is Attracting More Community Members, Don’t Miss It!

Tue, 01/18/2022 - 09:48
SafeMoon is Attracting More Community Members, Don’t Miss It!
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SafeMoon is one of the newest and fastest growing Altcoins in 2021. The company launched this coin in March 2021 and more than 2.5 million investors have purchased it. What is SafeMoon's price forecast for 2025 and when it will reach $1?

Since its debut, some people have questioned whether SafeMoon cryptocurrency is a good investment. After the president of El Salvador announced his plan to make Bitcoin legal tender, interest in the price prospect of SafeMoon soared, marking the beginning of governments' acceptance of cryptocurrency.

What is SafeMoon Coin?

It would be helpful to be familiar with Altcoins before delving into SafeMoon's price forecasts. SafeMoon is a Defi project based on the Binance blockchain. The project is led by a team including former Pentagon analyst John Karony. 

SafeMoon seeks to encourage long-term investment rather than day trading. Therefore, a 10% trading fee will be charged for the sale of SafeMoon coin. Half of the expenses are distributed to the holding community, similar to a company distributing part of its profits to shareholders as dividends. The other half is reinvested in the project.

In addition to bringing passive benefits to the holder, the selling trading cost is also to ensure the stability of SafeMoon price. Price volatility is a major reason why many people are still wary of cryptocurrency investments. SafeMoon hopes to avoid this by curbing sales. Usually, the dumping of coins by large investors will lead to a sharp decline in prices.

TheSafeMoon protocol achieves its vision through three core principles:

Static Rewards

SafeMoon, also known as reflection, solves the problem of yield pursuit. Static rewards are realized by making conditional rewards according to the token trading volume. By connecting rewards to trading volume, SafeMoon reduces the pressure on token clearing. Usually, early investors will ignite sales pressure and remove the project after the initial high APY rate is diluted due to more participation of new users.

Secondly, static rewards encourage the holders of the underlying assets to maintain confidence in the agreement in order to obtain higher rewards related to the token balance.


Token destruction has been used in the cryptocurrency field to reduce supply and support value. However, they are not 100% effective. For example, in the early stage of the project, token burning can bring the expected results. Unfortunately, this process lost control of the project team.

The burning being controlled by their team is advantageous because they can keep the project community informed and rewarded. For example, you can publish rules to follow during manual recording.

SafeMoon follows this approach to provide long-term benefits and incentives to community members of the project. In addition, project team members improve the transparency of the process by publishing the number of tokens destroyed on the project web page. Therefore, it helps to display the actual number of SafeMoon tokens that are cycled.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP) 

This is the third ingredient in SafeMoon formula, which can make the prospect of benign farming more vivid. Note that the liquidity supply engine is driven by smart contracts. Contracts perform different functions to provide smooth and streamlined results.

For example, it first accepts the coins of traders (buyers and traders) and directs them to the liquidity capital pool. It is worth noting that this function provides a reference point for token price.

The second function of the contract is to maintain the amount of underlying assets in the trading pool by imposing fines on those who wish to withdraw assets. The protocol considers this to be an "anti-arbitrage mechanism".

The network's white paper clarifies this by pointing out that fines are in the form of a tax increase on total liquidity. Doing so will stimulate the price summary of the token. It is worth noting that this approach has nothing to do with the token burning function used by other proven tokens for short-term survivability in the DeFi world.

For SafeMoon, due to the specific price floor, the increase of liquidity providers of local tokens using the platform will not affect the holders.

In addition, the automatic liquidity pool alleviated the huge losses suffered by token holders, and whales decided to liquidate their token holdings, resulting in a decline in prices, resulting in huge losses to token holders. In the field of cryptocurrency, the huge price fluctuation is mainly related to whales buying and selling a significant amount of cryptocurrency on the open market.

Why is SafeMoon Token Rising?

The price of SafeMoon increased by approximately 350,000% in 2021, and the current trading price is US $0.0000041. Altcoin's rise can be attributed to several factors. Inspired by the blockbuster returns of Bitcoin, investors are rushing to find the next big encryption idea. SafeMoon's dividend type distribution, price stability commitment and low value make it a popular choice for investors pursuing the next Bitcoin.

In addition, SafeMoon's ambitious plan is also a bright spot. The creator of SafeMoon has a detailed growth plan, promising to increase crypto's exposure to investors and possibly raise its price. For example, the team is stepping up marketing efforts and plans to open offices in the UK and Africa. The SafeMoon App is coming soon, and so will the wallet.

The team is developing SafeMoon Exchange, although it attempts to list crypto on major exchanges such as, Binance and Coinbase. Plans to launchSafeMoon video games. However, it is unclear whether the game will be similar to Litebringer, which helped promote LiteCoin.

Who Supports the SafeMoon Protocol?

The SafeMoon core team consists of respected individuals led by John Karony, Thomas Smith, Henry Wyatt and Trevor Church. Karony is the CEO and Smith is the CTO of the network. Wyatt, on the other hand, is vice president of research and development.

It is worth noting that the core team has rich experience in different fields and worked in leading companies before joining SafeMoon. For example, before joining the platform, the CEO founded TANO and was a full-time analyst in the U.S. Department of defense.

On the other hand, Smith worked in Goldsmith blockchain consulting, CTO of Geometric Gaming Corporation and software engineering director of Geometric Medical Corporation.

Safemoon Price Forecast

Investors want to know if SafeMoon will continue to rise. According to WalletInvestor, from now on, the price of the altcoin will reach US $0.000036 a year later, which means that the current price has 780% rising potential. WalletInvestor expects the price of SafeMoon to reach $0.00016 within five years, which means there is 3,800% room for increase.

In terms of digital token prices, the forecast indicates that the price of SafeMoon is 46% higher than the current level and will close at US $0.0000059 in 2021. Digital Coin Price predicts that the counterfeit currency will continue to rise in the next few years and reach US $0.000014 by 2025, which means an increase of 250%.

The fans of SafeMoon want to see it reach $1. Altcoins of $1 will make many investors millionaires. At the current price of US $0.0000041, cryptocurrency needs to increase by 240000000% to reach US $1.

Since its debut, SafeMoon's average monthly revenue has been about US $120,000. If it maintains this level of growth, it may reach $1 in 2021. However, if the Shanzhai currency rises by 100% per month, it will take two years to reach this price milestone, that is, 2023.

What Will the SafeMoon Community Reserve in the Future?

The development team has a lot of resources in the platform community. From the appearance, they are just beginning. For example, it is trying to integrate Whitebit tokens and make final modifications in applications, wallets and games.

Interestingly, SafeMoon focuses on the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) world. Therefore, the team is designing a special exchange for NFTs. Other noteworthy products in the production line include standard exchanges for cryptocurrency trading for the African market, charities, and applications holding cryptocurrency and blockchain educational content.

In its expansion plan, the protocol aims to increase its core team by more than 40%. In addition, it aims to establish offices in strategic areas such as Africa, Ireland and the UK. The SafeMoon scholarship followed. It is worth noting that in order to simplify community participation, the platform interacts with the community through regular social applications (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Telegraph and Discord).

The Best Way to Buy SafeMoon 

SafeMoon has not been launched on Coinbase. You still cannot access SafeMoon on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as, Binance and Huobi or through brokers Robinhood and eToro. The best places to buy SafeMoon now are, PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, WhiteBit and BitMar. Because you cannot use legal tender to purchase SafeMoon on these platforms, you need to use intermediate cryptocurrency. For example, if you have BNB tokens, you can exchange them for SafeMoon on these platforms. 

If SafeMoon continues to develop its plans, such as launching the SafeMoon exchange and video game projects, it may attract more investors and prices may rise. However, investment without risk does not exist. SafeMoon needs a cautious approach because it is a new cryptocurrency.

In addition, SafeMoon addresses other key areas, such as cryptocurrency and blockchain education. Its impact runs not only through the SafeMoon ecosystem, but also through the whole virtual currency industry. The establishment of offices in global strategy countries brings the project closer to its communities. On the other hand, its token allocation model improves the fairness among participants.


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