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Option Pool Exchange – World’s First Exchange to Offer 7000x Leverage With Our Distinctive Tokenomics

2023/10/04 09:21
Option Pool Exchange – World’s First Exchange to Offer 7000x Leverage With Our Distinctive Tokenomics
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Is the crypto community ready for Option Pool Exchange? Option Pool Exchange is the world’s first ever exchange to offer x7000 leverage, and has just issued our token, Rich Otter Token, a tokenized insurance fund. Come join the most promising exchange and check our “otteractive” Rich Otter Token!

About Option Pool Exchange

Option Pool Exchange is a Crypto Futures and Options Exchange, with a cumulative trading volume of $7.5 Billion USD. We are the first platform to offer x7000 times leverage, with one of the lowest interest rates in the market- in fact, we were the world’s LARGEST Bitcoin exchange on June 23rd, 2020 with 4.9B trading volume in a day. After our early success, we strategically decided to make significant improvements to the platform and officially relocated our HQ to NYC.

The secret to how we can offer our revolutionary x7000 leverage product, in an attractive way to our customers is the extremely efficient and fast matching engine built by our CEO himself. If our customers are using our X7000 leverage on margin and the investments see more than 50% loss, our engine puts in the margin call faster than any other engine.

At a high level, the engine takes one millisecond to determine whether your investment has lost 50%, and the matching system executes the margin call rapidly to prevent our customers from losing further money - that way our customers can automate their limit loss but amplify their profits.

We have uploaded our webinars about Option Pool Exchange and how the exchange works on YouTube – come join us and check us out!

Rich Otter Token

With every futures transaction that happens in option pool exchange, there is a separate insurance fee that the customers must pay in the futures and options market. That insurance fee goes into the insurance fund, and because our token is a tokenized insurance fund, the value of our tokens is derived from the trading volume of the exchange. For the token itself, we have issued a finite amount of 10Billion tokens, to create a perfect ecosystem for the token value.

Rich Otter Token is unique because our token has a special symbiosis relationship with the exchange – read more about our “Tokenomics” down below!


Rich Otter Token is the only token in the market to have a unique symbiosis relationship with the exchange.

As mentioned above, our token is a tokenized insurance fund. Naturally, if we increase the number of exchange members and trading volume via marketing and promotions, then the collective insurance fund will increase. This means, the value of token will increase as well, because there is a fixed amount of token.

There will always be a continuous cash flow into the insurance fund via our trading volume, therefore the finite tokens will increase in value. Conversely, if common investors buy the token for future asset, the value of token will rise due to simple token-economics. The more people buy, and Rich Otter Token becomes viral via marketing and promotions, the token value will go up. Which also helps our option pool exchange, because the business naturally gets promoted. That’s that perfect ecosystem between the token side and the option pool exchange side, and we are the only exchange to have this symbiosis relationship.

To summarize it, the bigger the trading volume, the bigger the insurance funds, and the bigger the insurance funds and fees, our value of token rises since we have a fixed amount of token.

Where to buy Rich Otter tokens?

We have successfully completed our early funding and presales rounds and are taking this exciting Tokenomics to the public market.

Rich Otter Token will be available for trading on the Uniswap exchange on August 23rd, and maybe purchased directly from our main site.

Option Pool Exchange Community

Rich Otter Token Road Map

  • 2021. 08 Private Sales end
  • 2021. 08 Rich Otter Token to be listed on Uniswap & Public sales start
  • 2021. 09 Rich Otter Token fully operational on Option Pool Exchange
  • 2021. 12 Rich Otter Token target price $0.05 per token & listed on multiple exchanges
  • 2022. 06 Option Pool Exchange’s daily trading volume to reach $5B and Rich Otter Token price becomes $0.1 per token
  • Later 2023 Rich Otter Token target price $1.00 per token ($10B Market Cap)
Option Pool Exchange

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