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Liquid Craft - Bringing Innovation to the Traditional NFT and Liquor Markets

Fri, 19/11/2021 - 5:00
Liquid Craft - Bringing Innovation to the Traditional NFT and Liquor Markets
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Liquid Craft - a new project using NFTs to tokenize physical bottles of liquor - has announced they will be launching a liquid art sale on Nov 20th at 12 PM PST for whitelisted investors, and Nov 23rd at 12 PM PST for the public. The concept presents a potentially innovative system for investors in the traditional liquor industry, by providing NFTs with real use-case through backing of physical, “bottled” assets.


The first NFT series release will be Dragons & Bourbon - with an upcoming NFT marketplace to deliver the proposal on. The initial DNB series will be backed by premium hand-crafted bottles of bourbon, with future series to include a variety of fine wines, beers, and spirits - made by crafters from around the world. It's a new concept that adds utility to NFTs by backing the art pieces with physical assets, in this case, collectible bottles of liquor.

Dragons & Bourbon - The First NFT Series Release

The first native DNB series has been created and designed by the team, and will be backed by exclusive handcrafted bottles of bourbon. The liquor has been distilled by The Heart Distillery - an award winning distiller in Windsor, Colorado, that is owned by Zach Weakland - the head of the Liquid Craft project. 

The distillery uses homegrown and locally sourced ingredients to give it their own unique taste, and to ensure the first NFTs are backed by uniquely crafted bottles, exclusive to the upcoming release. As experts in the industry already, the vision for the project has been set based on previous first-hand experience, which is known to be a key attribute in successful utility projects. 

The launch of the limited series will be released in two tiers - 1500 NFTs in total, with 750 on the Binance Smart Chain at a cost of 0.7 BNB, and 750 on the Ethereum Network at a cost of 0.2 ETH.

Airdrops for Buyers of the First NFT Series

Lucky participants who are able to obtain a Dragons & Bourbon NFT will be eligible for an airdrop of the native $CRAFT token - a predetermined amount will be available for buyers, and will also vary depending on the tier purchased. Buyers in the ETH tier will receive upto 4500 tokens, and 1500 tokens for buyers in the BSC tier. Along with airdrop comes additional benefits, including entry to any future offerings, giveaways, and events. 

Merging the Traditional Liquor Industry with NFTs

Liquid Craft is aiming to revolutionize how collectible liquor is traded internationally through its marketplace - holding future exclusive NFT releases that will act as a form of authentication for buyers and sellers. The proposal removes intermediary processes that currently exist in liquor investing. The bottle is stored safely with the crafter ensuring security, and reducing the possibility of damages that come with constant overseas transportation of fragile goods. 

This way, investors and crafters - the term given to brewers and distillers -  will have the ability to trade, buy, and sell exclusive bottles of liquor through digital art, without the bottle ever leaving its original place of origin, unless the owner at the time wants to harvest it. If the NFT is harvested, the transport of the physical bottle is organised, and the NFT is removed permanently - meaning the bottle previously backing it becomes untradeable on the official Liquid Craft marketplace.

The Future of Liquid Craft and the Lead-Up to Launch Day

The Dragons & Bourbon series is set to release on Nov 20th at 12 PM PST for whitelisted investors, and Nov 23rd for the public. The launch will have a minting limit in place for each buyer, and there will only be 1500 exclusive NFTs for the first release. 

The team at Liquid Craft have partnered with Coinpresso - an expert crypto marketing agency - that provides full-stack SEO, Web-Development, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, which will be used to support the growth of the project, and gain worldwide exposure through numerous communities. 

This innovative way of investing opens a gateway of opportunities for the liquor industry and crypto alike, by providing tangible value to NFTs, and giving crafters around the world a chance to reach an international audience. Considering the pandemic has caused international tourism to drop to record lows, which the liquor market relies heavily on for revenue, this project could be a potential lifeline to these businesses now, and in the future.



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