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Jubiter – The Easiest Way for Beginners to Get a Free Bitcoin Wallet

Thu, 01/10/2019 - 10:42
Jubiter – The Easiest Way for Beginners to Get a Free Bitcoin Wallet
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How to Start with Bitcoin

These days, it can be difficult to know where to find a good, free bitcoin wallet. For those who are new to the crypto game, this can actually be one of the most daunting parts of starting to invest. Luckily, Jubiter is an exchange which offers what many believe to be the best Bitcoin wallet for beginners. Indeed, Jubiter is all about making the process of acquiring crypto as safe and easy as possible. Those who use Jubiter don't have jump through hoops in order to get what they need. Whether you want to buy bitcoin (BTC) with your credit card or you're using a debit card with a VISA or MasterCard logo, Jubiter makes it convenient and fun.

Jubiter's Special Relationship with Its Customers

Since Jubiter is an exchange and a wallet all in one, users don't have to worry about transferring from an exchange to a bitcoin wallet. With the user experience in mind, Jubiter also allows people to transfer to their existing bitcoin wallets if they so choose. Perhaps the best part of the whole customer experience is that anytime someone has a question, they can call the customer service line. With other crypto exchanges, this high level of customer care is practically unheard of. Most don't have email support, let alone a customer care line and social media accounts through which they can be reached. If anyone has a question about the best bitcoin wallet for beginners, all they need to do is call Jubiter. Staffed during normal business hours, this team excels at addressing all customers' concerns, whether they're new to crypto or experienced at making trades..

A Free Bitcoin Wallet You Can Use for Years to Come

With some exchanges, it can be difficult to know if they'll be around in the future. Jubiter's trustworthy nature is enhanced by the fact that it possesses all of the necessary licenses to do business. Offering both bitcoin and litecoin (LTC), this group strives to provide the premium experience that its customers deserve. In a world where crypto can be very confusing, Jubiter strives to make everything as simple as possible. This was part of the motivation for offering a wallet. Although it's extra work on Jubiter's behalf, this is a group that believes crypto newbies should be able to get everything they need in one place. Making the process as easy and efficient as they can, this group is able to draw in users who might otherwise be too intimidated to start with crypto.

Jubiter: A Revolutionary New Platform for Getting Into Crypto

Every step of the way, Jubiter is fighting to change the status quo and attract new crypto enthusiasts. By making it easy and fast, they've become a wonderful credit to the crypto community in general. As everyone in the community already knows, adoption has been one of the toughest challenges that crypto has faced. With its handy wallet, Jubiter has addressed this problem and generated an attractive solution.


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