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Is The Crypto World Ready and Waiting for KeplerSwap?

Thu, 07/29/2021 - 06:11
Is The Crypto World Ready and Waiting for KeplerSwap?
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We encourage every crypto aficionado to take up this challenge to avail themselves and get familiar with the most challenging decentralized financial miracle of the year. KeplerSwap is building a new DeFi ecosystem which is BSC-based with massive Liquidity, LUCKY POOL and SPACE at its core.

What does KeplerSwap solve?

We are at a cross road, in that, we often complain that DEX functions under DeFi 1.0 is singularly and ecologically too benign to be able to sustain a robust development and that the DAO concept of decentralization cannot be achieved systematically, which is a barrier for the DeFi arena. KeplerSwap, however, continues to expand its trading ecosystem in which DeFi users reshape and adjust their user affiliations by breaking down social barriers in DeFi 1.0.  

With the help of the invitation affiliation, KeplerSwap user’s ecology is firmly grounded together; then again, users have a strong bond with each other and traders will be more inclined to exchange tokens in KeplerSwap and participate in liquidity marketing. Alternatively, multi-level invitation incentives can encourage trading activity and continue to promote stable growth to KeplerSwap.  

LUCKY POOL's most magical function is to enable the entire trading ecology the certainty of earnings and relative blessing to achieve a complete closed loop. Users who reach a certain amount of liquidity market can participate in the LUCKY POOL raffle and liquidity marketing to obtain revenue. In addition, also enjoy the lucky draw every week to bring fantastic surprises, which is irresistible for all.

SPACE is the most insightful feature of the KeplerSwap ecosystem, where users vote for community governance, while users can create SPACE and receive additional rewards to complete the basic concept of decentralized finance here.

Consider that, in addition to the features that DEX currently has, KeplerSwap has these innovations that have never been seen before in other DEXs, seamlessly enumerating the drawbacks of DeFi 1.0.

Innovation is the biggest bright spot for Capital's continued bullish view of KeplerSwap

In fact, the entire crypto-world, led by Capital, is desperately looking forward to a new DEX to inject a different dynamic into today's decentralized finance, and KeplerSwap's arrival is exactly what the world is expecting.

In recent years, we've seen a number of derivatives sectors emerge in DeFi, and there are now breakthroughs in many areas, including DEX, lending, stable currencies, predictors, aggregators, wallets, derivatives. However, in the AMM exchanges we see too little innovation. There is an urgent need for KeplerSwap, the DeFi2.0 era exchange that brings a new experience to decentralized exchanges.

KeplerSwap is positioned as an explorer of DeFi2.0 and the first decentralized exchange under the DeFi2.0 architecture, starting with a decentralized exchange protocol based on the BSC public chain and gradually implementing multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation, making it easy for anyone to invest in and trade digital assets on the platform.

KeplerSwap is an attractive value proposition in every way. KeplerSwap takes technology research and development as the team's main task and brings in top technicians from many countries around the world with true and reliable team strength.

Given the ambitious vision that the project will achieve in the future, KeplerSwap has developed a detailed and resilient roadmap and is moving forward in the direction it sets. According to the official plan, in 2023, KeplerSwap will achieve decentralized autonomy, and by 2024, will achieve the financial transformation of physical and digital assets, this innovative idea is also KeplerSwap's most attractive place.

The current and next steps of the project

Since its introduction in 2017, the KeplerSwap concept has successfully completed functional development and testing at this stage after two years of technical logic and commercial model demonstration, and the official launch in Q4 of 2020.

Lately, KeplerSwap's official website has been iterative, while the project's white paper has been updated and the community has been conducting the latest round of airdrops simultaneously. After Certik completes the code audit, KeplerSwap will launch IDO and global public testing, just one step away from the project's official takeoff.


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