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CryptoWorldWide - Where The Crypto Journey Begins

Wed, 06/17/2020 - 16:26
CryptoWorldWide - Where The Crypto Journey Begins
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From 2017 to 2020, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency has increased 10 times, from about $25 billion to over$ 250 billion, with a boom in the number of coins and tokens up to 5,500 (types). The 24h volume has reached 130 billion USD, which shows the continuous and strong movement of this market. The steady development of cryptocurrency markets requires constant statistics and accurate information updates, which is why Cryptoworldwide was established.

CryptoWorldWide presents users with detailed information about any coin, such as 24-hour trading volume, 24-hour change in value, the total number of coins in circulation, official website, total market capitalization, social network channels, etc. Before deciding to invest in a coin, it is recommended that you check if it is on CryptoWorldWide or not. If not, you should consider carefully before investing. The reason is that CryptoWorldWide always carefully reviews the criteria of a coin before listing it.


At CryptoWorldWide, cryptocurrency exchanges are listed according to trading volumes and may be displayed either by Adjusted Volume or by Reported Volume. With this system, exchanges are not only ranked by traffic but also by more robust metrics that can give a far more accurate and transparent score based on volume, liquidity, and market depth.

Crypto Wallets are not only listed on Cryptoworldwide but also rated on specific criteria: anonymity, ease of use, extra services, which openly reveal users’ experience on their platforms. In addition, information about available platforms and supported cryptocurrencies are provided in detail, which helps users to decide which ones are sufficient for them.

Besides, CryptoWorldWide has many highlighted features. The Charts feature helps you keep track of a coin's fluctuation rate, which can be adjusted by day, month or all time. The Market feature will show you all exchanges in which the coin is traded, currency pairs, the 24-hour trading volume, the price of coins on that exchange + the change of rate in %. If you want to see the coin's historical price, market capitalization and trading volume, you can access Historical Data. In addition, there are many other features that help you to filter information effectively.

Based on multiple sources of information, CryptoWorldWide is able to rank the coins so that users can update and keep track of which coins are the top popular, thereby providing a broader view and more effective investment direction. 

CryptoWorldWide is no doubt the most trusted place to go for capturing information of all coins, exchanges and wallets circulating in the market. With just one click on CryptoWorldWide, you will immediately have a general, objective overview to explore the world of cryptocurrency as well as a safe assessment of opportunities for investment in this market.

5500 cryptocurrencies supported

CryptoWorldWide - where the crypto journey begins!


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