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Cleverminu Is the Next Level of Web3 Tokens. Value Shows Cleverminu Could Hit $0.001 in the Coming Week

Mon, 11/28/2022 - 14:51
Cleverminu Is the Next Level of Web3 Tokens. Value Shows Cleverminu Could Hit $0.001 in the Coming Week
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Cleverminu: Promoting community benefits and fair monetization

Cleverminu, November 24, 2022: It is incredible how the Cleverminu token manages to stay ahead and grow despite the current bloodbath experienced on Monday in the crypto markets due to global macroeconomic conditions. In the past weeks, crypto prices have agonized over being range-bound, with trading volumes and open interest on exchanges plummeting as demands evaporated and search interest bottomed out.

The market is struggling to reach its 1,000 billion dollar valuation, but with Bitcoin at a three-month low, Ethereum nose-diving 8% in a day, and various altcoins and chain coins like Shiba Inu, Doge, GMT, FTX, Solana, and Apecoin struggling too, These big whale investor-based tokens are waiting and watching for any major big whales.

The Crypto Market Analysis

The aftermath of the Terra blockchain collapse saw Bitcoin ending its week with the worst figures at 22% down and $16,500 since its exemplary performance in mid-June. But that was not all. The derivative market, as measured by open interest in FTT futures, started on a good foot as traders rushed to hedge against the spot price, ultimately reaching a 12-month high. However, the FTT fell and is still falling, dipping over 90%.

As FTX fell 90% and market uncertainty persisted, the week of November 7th-15th saw massive liquidation of over 50% of total longs, with Solana falling 50% in the previous week. The crypto market is bleeding terribly, and coins are in the red with double-digit losses.

The reasons are not far fetched, as the largest crypto exchange globally; FTX, crashed, and Binance announced offloading up to $500 million worth of its FTT holding, which was a native token of the FTX, which set the platform for what the market experienced. The FTT dropped from $22.79 on November 7th to $2.04 by midday on the 15th, just 8 days later.

Cleverminu Growth

However, Cleverminu continues to soar. As a community coin, its market price or growth rate is determined by the community, not by external investors who manipulate the market for their own gain. It gives a soft landing to other crypto users with huge losses so they can leverage their community tokens and recover. The transitioning is easy—just swap your existing coins with the Cleverminu token. Crypto users will benefit more by swapping their existing tokens with Cleverminu directly rather than using an exchange platform, as they enjoy up to an additional 25% bonus based on the coin.

This is a limited opportunity and benefits your existing coins from the ongoing dip in the crypto market.

In the last few months, institutional investments have garnered attention in the market as many retail investors leave the crypto market or reduce the capacity of their investments. Hence, Cleverminu is the blueprint used by many to understand and anticipate the next move in the crypto market. The Cleverminu IMO sales started at 0.00001 and reached 67,000 holders who raised nearly $13.7 million, and this amount continues to grow in the downfall trends as well.

One fundamental reason for the consistent growth is that it is community-based. Cleverminu has transferred the power of autonomy from the hands of a few investors to its community members, thereby ensuring the goals, objectives, and strategies of the coins are unlimited. Cleverminu is a token that prioritizes its users, and 2023 will be a revolutionary year as Minu sets the standard and trend for tokens.

Some facts:

●        The price increased by over 5800% within 20 days.

●        The community is the administrator; there is no external administrator.

●        The community interest increases the price with market trends in this community,

●        It is has initiated, to accept the funds of various project like Doge, Shiba Inu, and other coins like FTX, GMT, and Apecoin to uplift your funds in current Decay

What are the experts saying?

The powerful fall and they may fall heavily with mighty consequences based on Panic Sale if       current trends continue. However, despite this depression, they suggest staying calm and holding, as they also predict a rise.

About The Community Tokens

There is power in numbers, but there is also power in unity, a single voice, goal, and strategy—and this is where Cleverminu surpasses others. Groups or segments create community tokens or coins to publicize their brands. Like a club or society member, the employee gets exclusive benefits for members only and likely receives governing rights and a fair share of the company's profits.

However, community tokens are slightly different. Users can swap them with other community tokens, break them into several fractions, and even own or co-own a community with others of like minds and passions. You must understand the power you possess with a community token, or else you will lose the benefits attached to it. Fans and followers appreciate benefits and marketing strategies that work every time. Look at it this way. Consider selling Disney merchandise in exchange for Disney tokens; everyone partaking in this trade becomes a community member that helps drive the brand and ensure its success. It is truly a win-win situation.

WHALE is another incredible community token that derives value from a precious and rare NFT art collection known as the WHALE vault. Since 2019, their initial projection of $500,000 has hit over $70 million, and token holders get direct benefits as value increases. Additionally, they enjoy exclusive access to Discord channels, giveaways, events, and the opportunity to purchase or rent unique art NFTs from the vault.

Many whales have their eyes on the Cleverminu, hoping to be part of the community because they think it is a great investment opportunity to tap into this bear market.

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