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Can DollarMoon (DMOON) Reach New Highs?

Fri, 27/01/2023 - 18:28
Can DollarMoon (DMOON) Reach New Highs?
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After DollarMoon (DMOON) being one of the top growing meme coins for the last month on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), many questions were asked about the DollarMoon (DMOON) project and its token DMOON, so what is DollarMoon (DMOON), and can it reach 10$?


What is the DollarMoon (DMOON) Project?

DollarMoon (DMOON) project defines itself as the first value-leading system project in the cryptocurrency world. As a reflective token, the project was designed in a way that encourages long-term investment, for that with every selling transaction the seller is charged with 15% selling fee. 2% of every buy/sell transaction goes to DMOON holders’ wallets in the form of BNB coins.

What Influences the DMOON price?

As with any cryptocurrency, DollarMoon’s price is influenced by a wide range of factors, which include DollarMoon’s market cap, supply and demand, and other technical factors.

The Demand for the DMOON token

Like other cryptocurrencies, the price of the Dmoon token is based on its supply and demand. If there is an increased demand for Dmoon, the price will be higher. In the same way, if there are not so many people buying or selling the token at that moment in time, then its price will decrease until the demand goes back up.

Burn events

With every zero kill DollarMoon (DMOON) team will burn a certain percentage of their 100 million burn tokens. At the time of writing this article 52 million DMOON tokens have already been burned.

Automatic burn

With every purchase 3% of the quantity purchased and 4% of the quantity will be burned. This is very important because, unlike other projects that rely on either automatic or manual burn, the DollarMoon (DMOON) project combines these two burning methods to obtain scarcity and price stability for its digital asset.

Strong projects

With its unique value-leading system DollarMoon’s (DMOON) project roadmap is, without doubt, one of the project’s main strong points. 

The roadmap consists of 6 phases with the first three ones focusing on creating the DMOON community, and the more advanced ones focusing on building the DMOON ecosystem, these projects include: 

DollarMoon (DMOON) web3 blockchain security platform, DollarMoon Swap, Dmoon fashion brand, DollarMoon (DMOON) hot and cold wallets, DollarMoon Exchange, DollarMoon Dex social media platform.

The token price might also be affected by DMOON being listed in major CEXs and marketing and promotions plans that the token team is working on.

Can a DollarMoon (DMOON) Reach New Highs?

At the time of writing this article, the DollarMoon token (DMOON) is now being traded at the price of 0.02$, so the road to 10$ might seem far off. But the token is moving at a very rapid pace and after hitting the 0.1$, 1$ the road to the 10$ milestone will be just a matter of time.

Is DollarMoon (DMOON) a Smart Bet in 2023?

If you are planning on holding for the long term, DollarMoon (DMOON) could be a good investment for you. The way that token is built provides an interesting investment opportunity, especially for people that are looking for a way to earn passive income.

We should also acknowledge the fact that the token was launched a month ago, so the chances of early investing are high.

Bottom line

Although we can't predict precisely if DollarMoon token (DMOON) will reach 10$ in the near future, it is safe to say that this token has a bright future ahead of it and is for sure a good choice to diversify your crypto investing portfolio.

Even though newly released coins might come around as a risky asset to invest in, no one can deny the rewards that some of them brought to their investors.

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