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Blockinvest Ventures cooperate with Bitcoinnami with a technology investment up to 30 million USD in 2021

Mon, 04/19/2021 - 13:00
Blockinvest Ventures cooperate with Bitcoinnami with a technology investment up to 30 million USD in 2021
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Blockinvest Ventures and Bitcoinnami  recently reached a new partnership agreement when the fund decided to invest $ 30M in the project's technology. This has surprised and interested the crypto community with the value of Bitcoinnami that is tending to skyrocket when invested by a reputable investment fund. So what is at the core of Bitcoinnami, which has caught the attention and interest of this top Chinese investment fund? Let's find out with us through the article!

1. About Blockinvest Venture

Founded in 2011,  Blockinvest Venture is the leading blockchain investment company and one of the biggest global cryptocurrency shareholders. Their goal is to serve as a driving force for universal blockchain acceptance and creativity. This venture is fulfilling its strategic investing philosophy by developing a diversified portfolio and adding industry-specific value-add capital to its portfolio companies, thanks to good partnerships with some of the most promising entrepreneurs and other top investors in the space.

Blockinvest Venture 's most notable investments  include Bat attention token, Decentraland, Ethereum Classic. 

2.Why is Bitcoinnami potential for Blockinvest Ventures?

Bitcoinnami is developed to create and connect decentralized applications, services, and institutions where independent blockchains can exchange information and transactions in a reliable way. Their  network protocol creates spaces where any type of data from different blockchains can be operated and exchanged quickly and securely. This means Bitcoinnami is a true multi-chain framework, designed to facilitate cross-chain interoperability and scalability of blockchains. 

Bitcoinnami can transfer the arbitrary data across public, open, permissionless blockchains as well as private, permissioned blockchains. With Bitcoinnami 's advanced technology, transactions can be held at the same time and distributed among blockchains - one of the reasons for Bitcoinnami attracting the interest of Blockinvest Ventures.

Bitcoinnami is a platform for building trust where none might naturally exist, opening up whole new markets and opportunities. Every transaction, interaction, and exchange is immutably and transparently recovered, and securely validated using multi-signature, secure and reliable layered technology architecture.

Bitcoinnami has many attractive policy programs with the highest payouts across the industry such as Mining Bitcoinnami and Referral Program.

Bitcoinnami (BTCN) is considered as the most attractive asset in 2021 which brings to traders the profit in every second.  The starting price of BTCN is only $1 at the moment but it promises to bring the big profit back to the investor as for every 10 seconds it will create one more BTCN. The technology-based is the main point to help BTCN develop more in the future and it is named as the first fundamental for cross-chain DeFi platform. 

With all the advantages above, Bitcoinnami gained the attention of Blockinvest Ventures with the high-qualified technology and the auspicious vision from the development team.

3. Bitcoinnami and the investment and a contract to invest in technology worth $30 million from Blockinvest Ventures

Blockinvest Ventures and Bitcoinnami recently reached a new partnership agreement when the fund decided to invest $ 30M in the project's technology. The fund representative said that technology plays a core role in Bitcoinnami achieving rapid growth in time. The Fund will continue to invest in human and financial resources to develop the technology system, and at the same time make recommendations on strategic directions in the coming time to suit the trends of the times.

This partnership has opened up a new perspective for Bitcoinnami to become one of the potential coins in the market. Moreover, this also shows the vision and promise from the Bitcoinnami development team. Bitcoinnami is considered to be a potential coin for investors with a high level of trust and profitable prospects in the future.

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