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aelf Mainnet Token Swap: Inaugural Activation of All-Connected Blockchain Ecology

Thu, 2/09/2021 - 13:58
aelf Mainnet Token Swap: Inaugural Activation of All-Connected Blockchain Ecology
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Singapore. (Sep 1st, 2021) – aelf announced its mainnet token swap to start on September 9th. The ELF mainnet swap can be executed manually on aelf website or automatically via exchanges, following a 1:1 ratio. This event will be an opportunity for ELF holders, developers, and Dapps users to get access to this inaugural event to spark the Web 3.0 era on aelf.


aelf mainnet token swap marks a preliminary success of self mainnet launch. Since going live in December 2020, aelf mainnet has been running smoothly and has proved its matured security and reliability. In line with the progress, aelf team decided to start the mainnet token swap on the 9th, to meet users’ increasing demand of participating in the upcoming constructive events, such as node election, sidechain auction, management, and many more.

In gratitude to its community members and to encourage more crypto enthusiasts to surf on the fastest blockchain network, aelf will send away an extra 5% airdrop to swap users during the first 15 days of the mainnet swap event. The airdrops are worth a total of up to 27 million ELF tokens (worth approximately 10 million dollars). The airdrops will be delivered when executing the swap via aelf website or eligible exchanges in real-time. aelf will also hold a 7-day "Lucky Elf Raffle" whose total prize reached 119,000 ELF tokens. Participants could receive daily returns at 10,000% maximum.

Users are encouraged to replace their ERC-20 ELF tokens with ELF mainnet tokens to starting surfing on aelf ecology. Since the project was established in2017, ELF has been held and traded as an ERC-20 compatible token issued on Ethereum. Now with the proven security and maturity of aelf mainnet, users could start to migrate their token assets from Ethereum to the native blockchain network.

Specifically, ELF mainnet token will be vitalized for its practical value as follow:

-   Use ELF as currency within the aelf ecology for transaction fees, sidechain index fees, deposits, block rewards, and many more

-   Hold ELF as delegated consensus equity share representative of the aelf mainnet

-   Participate in the facilitation and management of aelf mainnet

In this case, all the related and under-developing blockchain activities will bloom on aelf mainnet step by step.

aelf is leading the blockchain industry into a new era when DApps is of great diversity and all the projects are connected to each other. aelf innovates on its AEDPoS consensus to maximize the computing efficiency. In this case, aelf Enterprise has approached 35,000 TPS on a single sidechain so that the service fee could be fixed at $0.1 regardless of the marketing turbulence. aelf also developed its versatile oracle to support the two-way communication among projects and to achieve cross-chain execution within seconds. With the outstanding performance and interchain capability, aelf functions as a real Ethereum Layer 2 solution. In this way, aelf can allow NFT to circulate between the Ethereum and aelf ecology, and can also support more NFT application scenarios, such as games that have higher requirements for blockchain network performance.

For the most updated information about aelf mainnet token swap, please contact us via telegram at

About aelf:

aelf is a prestigious public blockchain providing a high-speed open infrastructure for users and developers around the world. aelf innovated in the cross-chain collaboration mechanism, elegant multi-level side chain system, and unlimited expansion capabilities. aelf owns and can seamlessly connect with the existing ecology that is safe, efficient, autonomous, stable, easy to use, and transparent.


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