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Ledger Wallet Users Battle to Access Bitcoin Cash, Manufacturer Accused

  • Darryn Pollock
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    Bitcoin Cash support on Ledger Wallets has taken a hit as users have struggled to access it since Monday

Ledger Wallet Users Battle to Access Bitcoin Cash, Manufacturer Accused

Users of Ledger Wallet, a smartcard-based Bitcoin hardware wallet, have struggled to access their Bitcoin Cash stores since Monday, with a slew of complaints stating that they think the manufacturer is dragging its feet.

Multiple complaints lodged by users on Reddit brought to attention the issue that users were having. It was also made apparent by an incident status post, which first acknowledged the problem, later on, the same day.


The complaints that were forthcoming stated that the users with Bitcoin Cash could not access their Bitcoin cash wallets, cannot view their balances or make transactions.

One user wrote:

"After ~20 hours, this issue is still not resolved. I can't access my BCH wallet at all (no transactions show up, despite being visible on an explorer...This seems like a pretty major outage considering the coins don't even show up, much less being able to spend them."

The incident status post explained that:

"The new version of Bitcoin-ABC (Bitcoin Cash node) breaks compatibility with our parser. As a result, balances shown on the Ledger Wallet are incorrect. Our engineering team is currently working on a fix."


Fifteen Year Old Hacks Ledger Hardware Wallet, CEO Dismisses Exploit as “FUD”

Fifteen Year Old Hacks Ledger Hardware Wallet, CEO Dismisses Exploit as “FUD”

Ledger CEO Eric Larcheveque told Reddit users that the company is reindexing its Bitcoin Cash nodes, and advised users to utilize the Electron Cash wallet to access their funds in the interim.

However, users complained that the Electron Cash wallet is also not working properly.

Latest update

Ledger’s most recent active incident report read:

“Our main servers are now synced and running. We'll run on a degraded infrastructure the time for us to ensure that everything is fine (next 12 hours). Once we're sure that everything is running smoothly,  we'll apply our patches to Ledger Blockchain explorer and the BCH daemon before we sync the rest of our infrastructure.”

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