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Kardia KCC-Based Game Shares Details of Its Play-to-Earn Design

Fri, 12/03/2021 - 08:40
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Vladislav Sopov
Kardia, a hotly-anticipated GameFi ecosystem on KuCoin Community Chain, publishes last dev update prior to presale
Kardia KCC-Based Game Shares Details of Its Play-to-Earn Design
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Kardia, the first-ever mainstream GameFi ecosystem on KuCoin Community Chain—which is a novel smart contracts platform by the KuCoin community—releases an explanatory blog post to cover its gameplay.

Here's how you can earn while playing Kardia

According to a statement shared on the official Medium blog of Kardia, its gameplay architecture is ready to invite GameFi enthusiasts with various levels of expertise in crypto and gaming.

As per the statement, Kardia's arenas and dungeons will be full of treasures that can be claimed by the participants of Kardia's ecosystem. Royalties and fees from secondary sales will be yet another revenue stream for players in this metaverse.

Winning tournaments, battles and challenges will be the easiest way to earn a portion of the massive prize pool. Also, users will be able to find crystals in lootboxes. The boxes can be earned by playing game episodes, completing quest rewards, or they can just be purchased through an in-game store module.

Along with crystals, every lootbox can include NFTs, in-game resources or other types of valuable items for sale. All crypto spent on the lootboxes in the store will be returned to the prize pool.

Pioneering decentralized gaming on KCC

This design will also be accessible on a low level in a "Free-to-Play" mode. GameFi newbies will be able to experiment there with the basic elements of GameFi design before diving deep into Kardia's ecosystem with no need to deposit real money into their Kardia accounts.

A presale round for Kardia KCC-based GameFi protocol will take place on Dec. 4, 2021, at 9:00 p.m. UTC. The exact details of lootbox economics will be revealed soon.

As covered by U.Today previously, Kardia is among the first GameFi products to go live on KuCoin Community Chain, an EVM-compatible platform driven and governed by the community of KuCoin, a veteran cryptocurrency exchange.

Kardia Play-to-Earn Platform Goes Live on KuCoin Community Chain: Details

Previously, its team had planned to launch the product on Solana, but then this blockchain was replaced by KCC.

During the first phase of the presale on Dec. 4, a total of 20,164 cards will be released to users. "Early birds" will be able to purchase them at two KCS only instead of 0.45 SOL.

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