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Kardia Play-to-Earn Platform Goes Live on KuCoin Community Chain: Details

Fri, 11/26/2021 - 10:40
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Vladislav Sopov
Novel GameFi ecosystem explodes onto an EVM-compatible "community chain"
Kardia Play-to-Earn Platform Goes Live on KuCoin Community Chain: Details
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Here's why Kardia finally decided to replace Solana with the KuCoin Community Chain as the technical basis for its GameFi protocol development and non-fungible token (NFTs) release.

Kardia project to release NFTs on KCC

According to the official announcement shared by Kardia, an integral NFT and GameFi platform, its initial digital collections drop is on its way to KuCoin Community Chain.

As such, Kardia is one of the first mainstream "Play-to-Earn" experiments to go live on KCC that is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform supported by CEX veterans KuCoin (KCS).

Previously, Kardia planned to release its NFTs and smart contracts on Solana (SOL), a high-performance programmable blockchain that is trending in 2021 due to its unmatched throughput and splendid performance of SOL token.

However, after a thorough analysis, the Kardia team decided that Solana "reached a saturation point" and, working with this blockchain, resulted in disappointment in the NFT segment. Thus, Kardia decided to replace it with KCC in its NFT releases roadmap.

Kardia's NFT release goes live in partnership with KuSwap, a high-performance decentralized cryptocurrencies exchange and NFT platform.

Pre-sale starts on Dec. 4

In order to introduce Kardia's latest developments to a wide cryptocurrency audience, it begins a pre-sale of its exclusive handcrafted non-fungible tokens on KuSwap.

To celebrate the release of the first NFTs on the KuCoin Community Chain, Kardia reduced the pre-sale price by 50%. As such, they will be available for 2 KCS only instead of the initially planned 0.45 SOL.

The sale will start on Dec. 4, 2021, at 9:00 p.m. UTC. A total of 20,164 cards will be available for sale in the initial release of Kardia's non-fungible tokens.

The NFTs will be released on KuSwap with 3% royalties. Then, all cards will be released as in-game items in Kardia's decentralized "Play-to-Earn" platform.

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