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Impossible Finance DeFi Incubator Releases Multi-Chain Launchpad: Details

Tue, 08/10/2021 - 13:11
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Vladislav Sopov
Impossible Finance, a novel incubator for DeFi-centric products, is ready to unveil its multi-chain IDO instrument
Impossible Finance DeFi Incubator Releases Multi-Chain Launchpad: Details
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Impossible Finance, a platform for early-stage DeFi projects, is close to starting its own launchpad. Being the first-ever multi-chain launchpad, it will boast many blockchains.

IDO launchpad goes live on Impossible Finance

According to the press release shared with U.Today, Impossible Finance has released its Initial DeFi Offering Launchpad. The team promotes this release as a 'core element' of the product's vision.

Initial DeFi ffering launchpad goes live on Impossible Finance
Image by Impossible Finance

The new launchpad will pioneer numerous concepts in the segment of decentralized token sales, namely, "smart launch," which is a fair allocation mechanism based on KYC, on-chain whitelisting, and staking queues.

Also, the team prioritizes "lowering the barrier" in UX/UI as the products of their competitors in DeFi have too cumbersome and bulky interfaces that make its mainstream adoption impossible.

Calvin Chu, council member and core builder of Impossible Finance, is sure that this product has every chance of changing the game in token sales:

Launchpads should be about helping grow projects to gain product adoption, not just simply sales of tokens. The strength of the community is what makes DeFi so powerful, and we’re excited to embark on this journey with the launch of our own IDIA token and launchpad to our community

Many blockchains, decentralized governance, a native token

The new token sale environment will be community-driven since its very first days. To ensure the full decentralization of project operations, Impossible Finance has deployed the IDIA token.

IDIA token holders will be responsible for all crucial aspects of product development. Both token and the launchad will go live on August 10, 2021. Besides governance, IDIA tokens will be used to receive the allocation of newly listed tokens.

Impossible Finance Raises $7 Million from 125 VCs, Teases Multi-Chain DeFi Ecosystem Launch

In its inaugural releases, Impossible Finance will work with the projects built on top of all major smart contract platforms, such as BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonbeam, and Solana.

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