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How to buy Metal (MTL) in USA: A Step-by-Step Guide

Thu, 05/17/2018 - 16:01
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George Shnurenko
Soon the purchase will be available using the Metal Pay application. You’ll be able to do it depositing the fiat money on the account and buy the tokens.
How to buy Metal (MTL) in USA: A Step-by-Step Guide
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For merchants the process should be paid. As we have said before the peer to peer is free, but merchant processing is charged with fees. They can buy platform credit with MTL and get a discount concerning the payments associated with processing fees. There is also a discount on merchant services and a possibility to receive a 5% off payment processing fees in addition if the merchants offer a discount for the payments in MTL. It is an advantage for a consumer again – he can get a discount only because he pays with cryptocurrency. The ecosystem is open for small businesses but the access is restricted by a certain number - 100. Thus only a hundred businesses from various places in the world can count on the “Metal PoPP Initiative”:

  • 50 from San Francisco
  • 15 from LA
  • 15 from NY
  • 20 from any other city in the world.


According to the project the cash-only businesses can get benefit from the Metal. In other words there is a sense to get involved in the system, if the business process occurs without bank interference. Also the service is useful if the payments are conducted with cryptocurrency. Here there are cash-intensive and high-risk merchants like the cannabis industry, which is legal in some American states but forbidden at the federal level. This is a reason for banks to refuse taking part in this business. Instead MTL can be of help.

Where can you buy Metal?

Soon the purchase will be available using the Metal Pay application. You’ll be able to do it depositing the fiat money on the account and buy the tokens. All that you need is your bank account with assets, which you can transfer to the app. Now it is easy to buy Metal using exchanges where the trading with cryptocurrency is possible. If it does not seem to be simple for you, we are ready to explain the things. If you do not have any crypto, you should buy it. And the best one is Bitcoin, we suggest. It is the most popular and used by a lot of exchanges. If you already have some, it is enough. So the described steps help you to become an owner of MTL. First, choose the exchange: Binance or Changelly.

If you buy on Binance, you should sign in and become verified. It will take you no time compared to other places. We offer you a comprehensive Youtube video tutorial, following which you will be able to purchase MTL on Binance. This is a very clear guidance.

If your choice is Changelly, you should have Visa or Mastercard. This way is also very easy or we’d say that it is much simpler, because you are not expected to be confused with those transactions connected with buying of crypo on exchanges. It is the shortest way! By the way if you store Metals on your account on the Changelly platform, you can trade other cryptocurrencies using it.

We offer you one more way to buy and trade MTL. You can apply Shapeshift – probably even easier solution. It is free and allows trading cryptocurrency. Here you are not required to be registered and provide your ID for verification. You fill in the form of transaction with the information about your Metal wallet, the deposit amount, and refund address and continue.

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