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Facebook Ex-VP: 'Crypto Is the Only Platform Shift Opportunity, Not AI, VR, EV'

Fri, 02/17/2023 - 16:15
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Vladislav Sopov
Big Tech veteran Sam Lessin drops bombshell with his column about the real disruptive potential of some overhyped technologies
Facebook Ex-VP: 'Crypto Is the Only Platform Shift Opportunity, Not AI, VR, EV'
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Sam Lessin, former vice president of product management at Facebook (2010 - 2014), serial entrepreneur and seasoned investor, explains why cryptocurrency is the only "platform shift opportunity" he sees in the 2020s.

"AI doesn't disrupt anything, crypto is a platform shift," Sam Lessin says

Mr. Lessin reflects on the concept of the "platform shift," which, he says, is very popular in Silicon Valley. However, the vast majority of "platform shifts" are over-marketed and lack real disruptive power.

He is certain that the majority of gamechangers are nothing but "big tech moments" that actually fold into existing infrastructure instead of creating new ones. For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) "doesn't disrupt anything," being yet another product of the cloud computational segment. AI just scales differently and uses more powerful hardware for its development.

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VR/AR products are too expensive to build; no VR unicorn would be capable to compete with Apple or Microsoft since too much must happen to make it work. As the dust settles, Tesla - let alone other EV big names - remains yet another expensive car.

Crypto works in a totally different manner. Cryptocurrency will make all incumbents in financial world obsolete as its adoption accelerates. Beyond fintech, crypto disrupts many corporate structures and business models in various segments.

PC, Internet...then crypto?

Mr. Lessin admits that many corporate giants will be unable to stretch enough to fit crypto into their business models. However, it is yet to be seen which "next big thing" would be able to bring disruption compared to that of personal computers and Internet communications.

Whle the majority of commentators, (including Solana's (SOL) Raj Gokal, agreed with Mr. Lessin's take, other speakers called crypto "a financial instrument, a very niche one."

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