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Ethereum (ETH) Co-Founder Joseph Lubin Explains Who an Ethereum Developer Is. Maybe, It's You?

Fri, 02/28/2020 - 11:34
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Vladislav Sopov
Every blockchain is powered not only by big code and big money but firstly by passionate people. Who are these people? Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys has an answer
Ethereum (ETH) Co-Founder Joseph Lubin Explains Who an Ethereum Developer Is. Maybe, It's You?
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Joseph Lubin, entrepreneur and co-founder of the ConsenSys decentralized blockchain studio attempted to sum up his thoughts on what it means to be an Ethereum (ETH) developer. According to him, it goes far beyond writing code in certain EF repositories.

Programmers of all colors

In his recent blog post inspired by the EthDenver hackathon and community meet-up, Mr. Lubin highlighted that the total number of Ethereum (ETH) developers worldwide is getting closer to one million. That's why he decided to mention all of the categories of people behind Ethereum (ETH) as well as celebrate its contribution to the building of a powerful decentralized ecosystem.

Joe Lubin explains who is Ethereum developer
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According to Mr. Lubin, this number includes the developers of all Ethereum (ETH) implementations (clients) - Trinity, Nethereum, Hyperledger Besu, etc. That's why he calls masters of Python, .NET and Java Ethereum (ETH) developers. Speaking about Python, he made particular reference to Vitalik Buterin and Piper Merriam as well as to their efforts in Ethereum blockchain research.

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Also, Mr. Lubin outlined the role of mobile application developers, both iOs and Android, in integrating the Ethereum (ETH) toolkit into the software for the smartphones. Content management creators that contribute to Drupal and WordPress instruments are Ethereum (ETH) developers as they are integrating blockchain-based payment and data storage solutions into their products.

Evangelists and nerds

There are numerous non-CS folks in league with Ethereum (ETH) developers. Mostly, they belong to the evangelist community that addresses the creation of 

more economically and politically empowered global citizenry

'Finance nerds' are much put-upon in the sphere of Decentralized Finances or DeFi as they design the ecosystems around DAI and Ethereum (ETH) to make the sphere more profitable and attractive for the end-users.

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Finally, even a Ripple developer should be considered an Ethereum (ETH) developer if he or she plugs XRP-based financial instruments into Ethereum-backed solutions. 

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