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Crypto Trader Names Evidence of Bullish Market

Sun, 02/02/2020 - 16:00
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Vladislav Sopov
Mysterious trader and certified analyst Crypto Birb disclosed nine indicators to show that crypto market has already turned bullish, serious and ironic at the same time.
Crypto Trader Names Evidence of Bullish Market
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Crypto Birb, CEO of The Birb Nest trading community and certified technical analyst, announced nine strong indicators to prove that crypto market is bullish right now.

Bullish Economics

First of all, he mentioned that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been knocking over strong resistance one after another. At press time, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is above its 300MA and is striving to defend $9,400 position.

Nine Bullish Market Evidences By Crypto Birb
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Bitcoin's long-term chart also looks bullish for analysts. Another trader Scott Melker called this trend 'epic monthly cande' as the flagship blockchain surged 30% within a month.

The Bitcoin (BTC) options market has continued to gain steam, which is one more 'bullish' sign for Crypto Birb. This indicator is very important as it was the 'CME gap' that resulted in a dramatic 7% price drop two weeks ago.

Bullish Psychology

Pre-halving euphoria is one more positive sign for the crypto market. As only 100 days are left before the Bitcoin (BTC) halving, many newbies are trying to make a fortune.

Seeking for their chance, newbies have frequently asked experienced traders about the market prospects. That's why Crypto Birb mentioned 'target sirs' in the comments as one more good sign, which is accompanied by high Twitter engagement.

These trends are surrounded by the 'disbelief' in some parts of the community. 'Disbelievers' may be confused by a strong bearish narrative, which was popular in 2019.

Bullish Humor

The 'most indisputable' evidence added to this row are from Jack Dorsey of Twitter and John McAfee, the man and the myth of the crypto community.

While the former added the Bitcoin (BTC) emoji in Twitter, the later announced the beginning of his presidential campaign.

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