Concerns About e-Commerce Data Usage Proves Cryptocurrency Worth

  • Darryn Pollock
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    Research shows e-Commerce’s use of customer’s data has people uncomfortable showing another niche for anonymous cryptocurrencies

Concerns About e-Commerce Data Usage Proves Cryptocurrency Worth
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Research from Zwoop has revealed consumer frustrations with e-Commerce, including the use of data and lack of product availability. The data issue has shown an important niche that cryptocurrencies could fill, and a survey also reveals that shopper’s attitudes towards cryptocurrency and its privacy is positive.

The research shows consumers' increasing awareness and dissatisfaction with how their data is being used by retailers and third parties. 67 percent of Britons are uncomfortable with how e-Commerce sites use data.

This has also seen 68 percent of US adults saying the ability to use cryptocurrency on their favorite shops online would make them more likely to buy cryptocurrency.

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