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Blofin Launches Futures Trading System on Jan. 12 after Successful Testing

Wed, 01/11/2023 - 14:30
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Vladislav Sopov
Blofin, new-gen cryptocurrency ecosystem, launches leveraged futures trading dashboard on Jan. 12, 2023
Blofin Launches Futures Trading System on Jan. 12 after Successful Testing
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As the activity of cryptocurrency markets is starting to recover from a prolonged crypto winter, top-tier blockchain services provider Blofin rolls out its futures trading dashboard for newbies and professionals.

Blofin ecosystem launches futures trading: Testing is over

According to the official statement shared by representatives of Blofin, a multi-product digital assets ecosystem focused on retail clients, its native futures trading platform inches closer to its mainnet release. Blofin futures exchange goes live on Jan. 12, 2023.

The team is proud to share that all testing procedures were completed successfully in Q4, 2022. A heavy-hitting team of professional traders, industry veterans, blockchain observers and analysts were invited to stress test all elements of the new platform, including deposits/withdrawals, order books and price charts.

In beta testing mode, the system demonstrated lightning-fast order placement and execution. The most experienced traders managed to increase their deposits by 478% during the testing campaign. The platform offers amazing leverage of up to 125x, which is a more impressive indicator than that of Tier 1 centralized exchanges.

Also, the platform comes with an unmatched liquidity ecosystem. The enhanced liquidity volume guarantees all traders access to the most attractive pairs with the lowest possible spreads between "bid" and "ask" prices for this or that trading pair. The platform offers USDT-margined futures contracts as this is the simplest and most popular form of derivatives trading. USDT-margined futures lower the barrier of entry in the sphere of cryptocurrency trading with margin.

Many currencies for various strategies

In its inaugural releases, the platform offers its visitors a wide range of assets for trading. Namely, it allows users to open short and long positions with Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency; Ethereum (ETH), the second crypto and native coin on the most popular smart contracts platform; top-tier proof-of-stake (PoS) coin Cardano (ADA); the most trending coin of 2021, Solana (SOL), and so on. More currencies will be added in the coming months.

To optimize the trading experience for all customers regardless of their level of skills in trading, blockchain, Web3, forex and so on, Blofin chose an intuitive UX/UI kit for its futures trading system. It employs the simplified interface of TradingView to make trading comfortable and easy for different generations of traders.

Due to a high-performance trading engine, the system processes thousands of orders per second: it can execute a trade in milliseconds with negligible latency. As such, Blofin traders will not miss a single opportunity. Thanks to deep liquidity, they also should not worry about price slippages even after placing large orders.

Blofin invites all Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin enthusiasts to test its performance in the coming weeks: the system is prepared for significant traffic and will not go down even in case of a rapid increase in visitor count.

Community welcomes new futures trading platform

During the beta testing of the platform, Blofin exchange received brilliant feedback from the participants of the testing campaign. Justin Chou, the chief investment officer of KuCoin Ventures, is impressed by the vision of the Blofin team and the progress it has achieved so far:

Every startup has a chance to change the game by bringing an entirely new institution into existence. Blofin shows me potency. With its cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies that cover every aspect of the user experience, we forecast the prevalence of Blofin with its security, liability, and credibility.

The team scored fascinating reviews by veterans of the blockchain industry. Pan, CEO and founder of ChainCatcher and RootData platforms, is excited by the way Blofin platform attempts to streamline trading experience for cryptocurrency futures:

Blofin is to release its crypto futures trading platform. This is an easy-to-operate platform that covers what users really need - trading efficiency and fund security. Led by a team of reputable professionals, Blofin has a promising future to pioneer the crypto futures trading business.

Frank Hu, Chief Operating Officer of Bytetrade Lab, underlined that the founders and team of Blofin has marvelous expertise in tech and business development:

Blofin is led by Matt, who has full stack insights and great vision of the cryptocurrency industry. His unique understanding and unstoppable passion will drive Blofin's crypto futures trading business to exceptional prosperity, I believe.

The platform is recognized by key opinion leaders in the blockchain segment. Asian cryptocurrency influencer Big Orange, who goes by @0xVeryBigOrange on Twitter, appreciated the usability and interface of the platform:

Trading on Blofin was very intriguing. The system has packed wealth functions for the best trading experience. The algorithms and analytics are pragmatic as well.

The team, founders and C-level management of Blofin ecosystem supercharged the new futures trading protocol with their expertise and passion to build innovative Web3 products. As such, Blofin welcomes all traders at a grand opening event on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023.

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