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Bitcoin (BTC) Holders Now Have an Instrument to Protect Gains Amidst Market Volatility

Sat, 06/11/2022 - 17:50
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Bexplus crypto trading platform introduces novel leverage module amidst bear market
Bitcoin (BTC) Holders Now Have an Instrument to Protect Gains Amidst Market Volatility
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Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency, has dropped nearly 36% this year and is currently trading at its lowest level since 2020, at $29,000. As a result, Bitcoin has lost all of its gains through 2021, which has been designated as the best year for bitcoin.

A cloud of market crash hangs over the minds of crypto traders. A hot topic is investigated by the technical analysts: will cryptocurrency fall even lower in 2022? Here are a few factors that most traders focus on to influence the movement of cryptocurrencies.

Will the Federal Reserve Boost Interest Rates?

According to Econometrics, interest rates in the United States have reached a 40-year high. However, the recent market volatility has not stopped the US Federal Reserve from maintaining its hawkish stance, with officials widely expected to raise interest rates by another half-point on June 15. Because of heavy dumping by institutions and short-term holders to mitigate losses, Bitcoin has dropped sharply this year, and the crypto crash has doubled people's fear.

Did Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hit The bottom?

Analysts estimate that the lowest price might be around $22,500. The most likely reason is that the last three times there were massive bottoms on Bitcoin at the end of 2018, early 2019, and the start of 2020. That was once Bitcoin's lowest point. Bitcoin, on the other hand, reached a low of around $4,000 on the same moving average. Bitcoin appears to be on its way to a new bottom.

Can Traders Expect BTC to Rise in 2022?

It may be determined by the Fed's actions; perhaps they will ease up on some rate hikes by the end of the year, and some factors will force bitcoin back into a bull market.

According to experts, the supply of US dollars has nearly doubled in the last two years. Such inflation has not been seen in a long time, and money printing is going to accelerate inflation.

In these circumstances, risky assets, such as the stock market, are seeing price cuts. Bitcoin has recently become inextricably linked with the stock market. If this trend continues, Bitcoin can follow in the footsteps of risk assets and stock markets during previous recessions.

Is Bitcoin a smart bet amidst 2022 carnage?

A predictable outlook for this year is that BTC still has a room to drop. According to a blockchain analytics firm Sentiment, Bitcoin sales have reached near-record levels of trading volume. The other blockchain analytics firm IntoTheBlock reported that the price drop makes Bitcoin more appealing for short-term holders due to a bear market trend. 

Marked by heavy dumping recorded from the institutions and short-term holders,  they have used this market collapse as an opportunity to make profit. In the bear market that no one can time a Bitcoin bottom, it’s a good chance for short-term holders to gain profits by shorting the token. 

Introducing Bexplus, an instrument that can help in protecting gains

The right time to pick up the most shells is precisely when the tide is out - with extraordinary courage and a tool to maximize the returns. Since the token is far from its ready to recover stage, shorting Bitcoins with a market leverage instruments would worth trying. Now, Bexplus cryptocurrency exchange currently provides unmatched leverage for investors to make more profit on small trades. Learn more about Bexplus leverage below.

Super-high leverage and deposit bonuses for newbies

Bexplus offers a unique leverage tool so that traders can open a position with only a 1% margin required. Take an example, a trader opens a long position of 10 BTC at the price of $25,000 with Bexplus leverage. Then, the price goes up to $30,000. As a result, he will make a profit of  ($30,000 - $29,000) * 100 BTC/$30,000 *100% = 3.33 BTC. However, the margin he needs to prepare is only 0.1 BTC. 

To welcome our new users and thank our regular users, each user is eligible to apply for the 100% deposit bonus. Now, with Bexplus’ 100% bonus, our initial investment would be 2 BTC, and our realized profit made with these 2 BTC will be 6.66 BTC, and the ROI will also be doubled to 666%. That’s how traders make more profit with the leverage tool provided by Bexplus.

Bexplus: A High-Profile Futures Exchange

Bexplus is a leading crypto derivatives trading platform offering high-leverage futures trading on various trading pairs: BTC, ETH, ADA, Doge, XRP, etc. Bexplus is popular among over two million traders from over 200 countries/regions. In addition, it is safe for being accredited by U.S. MSB (Money Services Business). Furthermore, It also boasts of the following features:

  • 100x leverage is offered to maximize trading profits.
  • 100% bonus for every deposit.
  • A Bitcoin wallet with an annualized interest rate of up to 21%
  • No KYC requirement, registration with Email verification within a few minutes.
  • Demo account with 10 BTC for traders to get familiar with leverage trading.
  • Intuitive and full-featured App on Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • 7/24 hours one-to-one service to solve your problems at any time.
  • Fast withdrawal without any time limit, and no deposit fee
  • Copy Trading provided to allow superior traders to make profits for you

Bexplus empowers investors to win profits on both bullish or bearish markets with its novel leverage tool. Grasp the market trend and profit opportunity now! Click Here to Register an account on Bexplus and earn a 100% deposit bonus immediately.

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