Binance CEO Rejects CCN-Reported Allegations of KYC Data Leak

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    Binance CEO CZ publicly responds to CCN’s report of Binance experiencing a hack and losing KYC data to hackers

Binance CEO Rejects CCN-Reported Allegations of KYC Data Leak

On Sunday, CCN news reported that several major exchanges, including Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Binance, became the victims of a hacker attack, losing the personal data of their customers. And now, allegedly, this data is for sale on the dark web. CCN, reportedly, received several screenshots of the data in question from an unnamed crypto expert.

Several other crypto news editions also reported those KYC data leaks.

Independent research

The world’s largest crypto exchange looked deeply into the issue and reported that its experts spotted no data leak. Their representative, Leah Li, stated that the aforementioned photos and screenshots had been from a thorough investigation; however, they did not find any proof that the data breach took place on Binance. She added that the team of Binance experts had even come across KYC photos of the stolen data made in Photoshop.

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An independent expert team that has also researched the matter believes that the documents and photos in question are most likely to originate from a phishing site, not Binance or other exchanges mentioned above.

Such websites pretend they register customers with an exchange, whereas all they do is steal people’s personal data and login details for this exchange in order to steal their deposits later on.

Such websites offer people to open an account on Binance and other popular crypto platforms.

Binance CEO responds in person

Changpeng Zhao heavily criticized CCN for spreading fud and fake news, calling this story a piece of irresponsible journalism.

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