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Adult Industry Crypto-Payment Platform Launches Public Token Sale

  • Urvashi Verma
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    Australian-based intimate.io enters a partnership with stable coin Havven to provide payment solutions for businesses and users in the adult industry.

Adult Industry Crypto-Payment Platform Launches Public Token Sale

Australian-based intimate.io, a payment solution for adult industry professionals entered a partnership with the Havven coin platform, ahead of its public sale, Thursday.

intimate.io serves businesses in the adult entertainment industry which face endemic biases and are often shunned by mainstream payment providers like Paypal, Stripe, and banks.

The company says cryptocurrencies can become a pre-eminent means for payments and facilitating these transactions.

Intimate.io’s  statement released today says:

“Due to social and institutional bias many mainstream banks and payment gateways - such as PayPal and Stripe - won't deal with workers or organizations in the adult industry. The whole adult industry is looking to cryptocurrency for a solution.”

The company is heralding the partnership as a  “milestone,” adding that the Havven stable coin will ensure that transactions can take place without volatility affecting parties.

Last month, in a highly successful pre-sale token offering, the company raised a ground-breaking $30 mln, becoming Australia's largest token sale to date.


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Havven’s statement released on its blog today says:

“There is great demand in the adult industry for a non-volatile cryptocurrency that is easily traded and provides them additional features such as intimate’s trust and reputation system. This partnership will establish Havven within another important ecosystem, one that has historically been a first mover in trends for new technologies.”

The company’s co-founders Reuben Coppa, Leah Callon-Butler and Nathan Smale, said in a joint statement that they share a vision to change the adult industry for the better the notion that a functional cryptocurrency can help drive its mass scale adoption in the adult industry.

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