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ZKSpace Unveils Revolutionary Payment Tool for Merchants

Wed, 05/11/2022 - 12:10
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Vladislav Sopov
With a new instrument, ZKSpace’s clients can send up to 60 payments in one click
ZKSpace Unveils Revolutionary Payment Tool for Merchants
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ZKSpace, an ecosystem of Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum (ETH), releases a tool that can advance crypto adoption in retail.

ZKSpace launches resource-efficient solution for retail payments

According to the official announcement by the ZKSpace team, its engineers created an instrument that can send crypto to 60 Ethereum (ETH) addresses in one click.

The new instrument allows sending Ethers and tokens to multiple addresses with only one transactional signature at negligible cost. As such, it makes batch transfers available to retail users with basic skills in cryptocurrency, it significantly reduces effort and it makes payments in crypto far more resource efficient.

Technically, this instrument can be integrated into airdrop modules, real-world payments solutions, salary platforms and so on. As ZKSpace utilizes built-in scalability instruments, all transfers are charged with significantly lower fees compared to Ethereum's “regular” ones.

Moreover, following a major technical update, the platform reduced users’ commission by 50% on April 28, 2022.

Excel templates are supported by Batch Payment

To authorize multiple payments in one click, users should connect their wallets to ZKSpace’s platform, choose the token they would like to distribute (Ether is the default) and enter the recipients’ addresses.

By clicking on the “+” icon, users can add up to 60 addresses to the list. Then, the transaction should be authorized in the wallet to finalize the batch transfer procedure.

To make the process even more straightforward, the ZKSpace solution allows importing addresses from Excel tables. In a single click, users can upload Excel templates; addresses will be copied automatically.

The launch of this instrument is a significant milestone for the progress of ZKSquare, ZKSpace’s solution for payments in retail. ZKSquare provides its users with the opportunity to send trustless, instant and low-cost payments.

ZKSpace to Reward Its Users as New Mining and NFT Campaigns Kick Off

As covered by U.Today previously, in March 2022, ZKSpace launched a number of NFT and liquidity mining initiatives. ZKSpace’s DeFi module and NFT marketplace, ZKSwap and ZKSea, distributed millions of ZKS tokens between active enthusiasts.

By press time, ZKS token is changing hands above $0,09, being almost unaffected by the ongoing crypto market massacre.

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