Upland EOS.IO-based NFT Game Allows Its Players to Become Virtual Real Estate Moguls

Thu, 05/07/2020 - 10:04
Vladislav Sopov
Designed by top-level blockchain enthusiasts, the Upland cross-platform trading game invites players to collect virtual real estate properties in San Francisco
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The Upland property trading game merges the benefits of the best economic user experience with decentralized data storage performance. The game is available in the AppStore, Google Play or as a web-interface.

Virtual city of San Francisco // Image by Upland

How to start

The process of onboarding in Upland is quite ingenious as it requires nothing more than a username (your in-game pseudonym) and a verified e-mail address. 

After a video tutorial, the user starts their journey as the basic status of a ‘Visitor’ with a 7-day guest visa in Upland. Once the user’s balance reaches 10,000 UPX (in-game currency), they are awarded ‘Uplander’ status with extended functionality. Every newbie gets a 3,000 UPX welcome bonus.

Here is what the newbie profile looks like.To browse through the objects available for sale, the gamers need to choose the Block Explorer symbol (e.g. red cabin) // Image by Upland

UPX Token

UPX token is designed for buying and selling properties. If the users want to go beyond the 3,000 UPX sign up bonus, they can increase their balance by purchasing UPX via Paypal, Credit card, or Crypto on the web or via in-app purchases in the Upland mobile app. The store is located in the top right corner of the app.

UPX, a native in-game asset, can be obtained in Store // Image by Upland

1 UPX token costs about 0.0099 USD. UPX is not currently tradable outside of the game and has been implemented as a utility token, derived from the EOS.IO smart contract.

How to trade

Once an account is created and verified, users can claim their welcome bonus and start buying real estate properties. 

‘Visitors’ can only buy unminted properties initially marked grey. No one has yet owned these, therefore they have not been minted on the blockchain. Also, the property must be in the ‘discovery range’ of the user's explorer, their game piece. When it is in the ‘discovery range’, the object becomes light green.

‘Uplanders’ can also purchase properties from one another. These are either listed in dark green (meaning they have a sale price) or light blue (meaning they are owned and not listed for sale, but an offer can still be made).

Apartments on 141 Majestic avenue are available with a welcome bonus // Image by Upland

The range of available offer prices varies from about 2,000 UPX up to over 1M UPX for exclusive properties like a piece of the San Francisco Airport. Once a player confirms a purchase, a record is minted in the EOS.IO-based blockchain. Thus, information for transactions can’t be corrupted.

The information about the purchasing is recorded in the blockchain // Image by Upland

The real estate properties earn their virtual landlords both one time and periodic rewards. For instance, this Majestic avenue location brings its owner 0.09 UPX hourly. Also, users with the ‘Uplander’ status - more than 10,000 UPX net worth - can sell their properties through the in-game marketplace as mentioned above. Currently, they sell for UPX but in the near future, fiat transactions will be possible as well.

Upland Collections

Recurring UPX earnings for holding properties can be boosted by completing a predefined collection of properties in the same area or with similar characteristics. For example, three properties within the Mission District are enough for users to complete the Mission Collection and three museums bought anywhere in the city is enough for users to complete the Curator Collection.

Collections have different levels of difficulty. The harder they are to complete, the more UPX they payout.

Some types of ‘Standard’ and ‘Limited’ collections are available in the game. Players need to collect three properties in San Francisco to complete the ‘San Franciscan Collection’, or three properties in the same street to complete the ‘King of the Street Collection’ // Image by Upland

Further development

All in all, Upland is an exciting gaming experience for high-level players and newbies. It has been developed by the Uplandme, Inc. multinational team led by Silicon Valley co-founders Dirk Lueth, Idan Zuckerman, and Mani Honigstein since late 2018. Their efforts are supported by a solid investment background that includes the top-notch FinLab EOS VC Fund. 

More information can be found on Upland’s official website.

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