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TRON (TRX) Listed on CoinEX Crypto Exchange Ahead of MainNet launch

  • Yuri Molchan
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    Tron team is working hard to promote TRX and ensure the network’s security

TRON (TRX) Listed on CoinEX Crypto Exchange Ahead of MainNet launch

At the moment, ahead of the MainNet launch on June 25, Tron, first of all, is making sure no bugs appear in the network out of the blue, like it happened with EOS.

Tron has offered yummy rewards to individual programmers and whole teams to encourage them looking for any vulnerabilities and reporting them.

Besides, in September this year Tron is to host a Tron Developer’s Convention along with a Tron Hackathon. The goal of both events is to further implement security measures for the Tron MainNet.

Apart from this, the Tron team is doing its best to promote the TRX coin in an attempt to bring it back to sixth place in the top 10 crypto coins’ list from the current 10th position it is holding.

In this respect adding TRX to as many crypto exchanges is very handy. This is what the Tron CEO has been doing recently. One of the trading platforms that has added TRX is an Indonesian platform Indodax. Trading is to start on June 5.

Listing on CoinEX

Earlier today, Monday June 4, the CEO of Tron Justin Sun announced in Twitter that TRX has been listed on the CoinEX crypto exchange.


Some Justin Sun’s followers on Twitter are happy about the news and some believe that it will not get the coin much further.

However, CoinEX is an interesting new platform that uses Bitcoin Cash as the basic currency and trades all other virtual assets against it. It is run by ViaBTC, the company that also run one of the biggest and most famous mining pools.

You never know what the market’s reaction to any news of a coin will be. However, this one might help TRX gain more attention and will definitely increase the amount of its circulation and daily trading volume.


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