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Tron (TRX) Goes Live on McAfeeDEX after Week’s Delay

Sat, 16/11/2019 - 9:21
Tron (TRX) Goes Live on McAfeeDEX after Week’s Delay
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The crypto eccentric and libertarian John McAfee has finally delivered on his recent promise and now spreads the word – Tron blockchain and all Tron-based coins, along with TRX, have been integrated with McAfeeDEX. The earlier plan was to do that on November 8.

A delay prevented Tron's launch earlier

 In his recent tweet, McAfee apologises for the delay that lasted a week and prevented the Tron integration earlier. The developer responsible has been ‘punished’ as per the Twitter post. McAfee claims that they are just making him write one thing on a board with a chalk – ‘I don’t ever want waterboarded again’ – 200 times in a row.

After the recent ‘social experiment’ by the Zombie Coin team that McAfee took part in, this kind of jokes will hardly surprise anyone.


McAfee criticized by regulators for launching his DEX

In an earlier tweet, John McAfee stated that he had got criticized by the SEC and IRS (the latter has been chasing him for averting tax payments for the last 7-8 years) for kicking off his dex live.

Here the crypto baron again puts up his famous argument in the defense of crypto, when he gets rebuked for supporting it – if bad guys can use a technology, it does not mean that good guys cannot do the same.

'WHACKD' coin

Recently, McAfee also launched a new ‘deflationary’ Ethereum-based coin on his dex. The new token is called ‘WHACKD’. This apparently stands for ‘Epstein did not kill himself’.

The coin is ‘deflationary’, because “10% of every transaction gets WHACKD and 1/1000 transactions gets completely WHACKD!” as the coin’s Twitter page says.

This listing led some media outlets to believe that McAfee claims Jeffry Epstein, the US financier accused of sex abuse, did not commit suicide in the cell recently but was murdered. McAfee insists he was misunderstood.


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