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Tue, 07/19/2022 - 13:00
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Vladislav Sopov, world's first hybrid marketplace for digital assets, will support issuance of Meta Hollywood's 'digital securities' Chosen by Meta Hollywood as Technical Partner for Fans-First Token Offerings
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Contents, a first-ever U.S.-compliant decentralized digital assets exchange (DEX), will be leveraged by Meta Hollywood as a platform for token release for fans.

Legendary memorabilia to be released as tokens

According to the official joint statement shared by and Meta Hollywood, the two teams will issue digital tokens associated with legendary movies scenes.

The new concept, dubbed "Fan-First Tokens," are set to allow fans and enthusiasts to take part in film financing and fractionalized ownership of blue-chip memorabilia.

The inaugural release, "Hollywood fanatics," will be issued in various regions globally as regulatory-compliant NFTs for secure trading worldwide.

Robert Earl, co-founder of Meta Hollywood, highlights that the upcoming release will herald a paradigm shift in Web3 ownership patterns and unlock new opportunities for holders, investors and movie enthusiasts:

Planet Hollywood owns one of the world’s largest privately held collections of movie memorabilia. Through its partnership with SOMA, Meta Hollywood will be able to offer its community the exclusive opportunity to own some of the most iconic movie memorabilia in Hollywood history including input on future memorabilia acquisitions from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Wars, and other blockbuster franchises.

Long-term partnership for safe interaction in NFT segment

Also, the release of this eccentric instrument will make the process of fundraising for new moves more streamlined, fair and democratic by introducing the Web3 ethos to this segment.

Robert Tran, co-founder of Meta Hollywood, is certain that this mechanism will catalyze the creativity and productiveness of the segment and bring new names to the top league:

Web3 communities have heralded a cultural shift in consumer behavior and their expectations of their relationships with brands – from audience to community members, customers to stakeholders. Through its tokenized film financing offering, Meta Hollywood intends to align the film-making process with a Web3 ideology, affording entertainment fans unprecedented access and participation across all aspects of the industry including input on auditions to script and cast selection.  This platform will also serve to foster creative talent, offering community members the opportunity to submit their work for the chance to be a part of each production.

Last but not least, this collaboration is set to strengthen the positions of Meta Hollywood in the segment of regulatory-compliant blockchain products.

William B. Heyn, co-founder of and CEO of Tritaurian Capital, added that full regulatory compliance is a top priority for his company and its technical and marketing strategies:

Safe interaction between issuers, investors and consumers under the U.S. regulatory umbrella is the right protection can offer Meta Hollywood. Fans of arts, culture and entertainment will depend on trust to enter the block-chain based assets, which we can build for Meta Hollywood.

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