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Soldex (SOLX) Introduces Solana-based Trading Ecosystem

Wed, 10/13/2021 - 06:00
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Vladislav Sopov
Soldex merges the benefits of AI-powered algo trading with Solana's unmatched performance
Soldex (SOLX) Introduces Solana-based Trading Ecosystem
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Soldex, an AI-powered multi-purpose trading environment, is set to empower decentralized cryptocurrencies exchange with the power of trending blockchain Solana.

Here’s why Soldex chose Solana for its contracts

Solana, the most popular and overhyped smart contracts environment of 2021, gained traction due to a number of breath-taking metrics. Soldex, a flagship crypto trading ecosystem, leverages Solana’s instrument to ensure seamless and resource-efficient trading.

As per the estimations of the Soldex team, Solana is capable of addressing all major bottlenecks of smart contracts amplified by the latest DeFi euphoria. Namely, it harnesses Solana’s unmatched transactional bandwidth of 50,000 transactions per second and  negligible $0.00001 transaction fees.

As Solana’s audience spiked in recent months hand in hand with the SOL price rally, all Solana-based liquidity initiatives have easily onboarded new users That is why Soldex’s “yield farming” initiatives will be fueled by sustainable massive liquidity inflow.

Unlike centralized exchanges, cryptocurrency swaps and liquidity management on Soldex will not be exposed to manipulations, front-running and price slippages.

Soldex addresses community-centric AI-powered decentralized trading

AI-powered trading instruments represent the most notable “killing feature” of Soldex. It is among the first decentralized exchanges to seamlessly integrate trading bots of all types.

Trading bots on Soldex are powered by GPT3 A.I., which is one of the most technically advanced AI toolkits for crypto trading as of Q4, 2021.

As such, Soldex’s design has a number of trending features that distinguish it from competitors’ offerings. All trades on Soldex are 100% permissionless: they are executed on-chain with no middleware involved. Also, due to the specifics of Solana, Soldex users can enjoy lightning-fast swaps with real-time settlements.

Soldex implemented a number of techniques to stimulate the inflow of new liquidity from Solana ecosystem enthusiasts.

SOLX token is a pivotal element of Soldex’s tokenomics. It is the exchange’s native governance and utility asset: holding SOLX allows Soldex architecture to be fully community-governed.

Soldex’s “Ecosystem Foundation Layer” is an ecosystem for projects interested in building on top of Soldex or integrating its instruments.

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In early Q4, 2021, SOLX tokens are offered to Solana-focused retail investors. The Soldex team conducts a private sale to fuel the next phases of its development and marketing.

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