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Smart Contract API Notifications Released from Unmarshal May Change the Industry

Fri, 16/07/2021 - 12:23
Smart Contract API Notifications Released from Unmarshal May Change the Industry
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Multi-chain data network DeFi Unmarshal has announced the release of a smart contract API notification system. The company's move is predicted to be a game-changer.

In addition, these may also affect the chain events of the Ethereum, BSC and Polygon networks. We are talking about baggage transfer, positioning protocols, pairing trends and much more.

The best data indexer

Note that the DeFi Unmarshal query protocol is the best data indexer for the blockchain. The announcement of the long-awaited Smart Notification API is an architecture that may completely change how smart contracts interact with dapps.

However, there are certain issues. For example, the dapp notification system is currently inefficient due to the development of Web3.

This problem hinders the rapid adoption of blockchain apps over their peers. Users rely on DeFi to know the status of transactions, confirmed or not.

They also rely on a notification mechanism that encourages more active participation in blockchain management.

Note that the UX of many applications in this environment has not been particularly adaptive.

However, Unmarshal is changing those fundamentals. Users can now immediately receive information about the status of their own transactions using Unmarshal's multi-chain API smart alerts. They can receive notifications without having to wait for requests from their wallet balance.

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However, Unmarshal offers a major advantage over EPNS. This is because EPNS provides a basic service notification system for dapp and Web3 application developers. Unmarshal, on the other hand, is a simple multi-chain approach that has been popular with most developers in modern blockchains.

This is due to the fact that most applications want to be autonomous from the overall chain and support bright chains.

Their choice is taken into account, especially with the momentum of the composite and aggressive development of interblockchain communications.

Opportunities for developers

In particular, dapp developers can easily use Unmarshal API integration to create more intuitive applications.

These applications can also drive broader adoption of DeFi and blockchain technologies through reengagement models. On the other hand, reengagement methods include basic push messages to users about new features or updates.

Other usefulness

Another important point is that Unmarshal may give developers the ability to extend Unmarshal Smart Notifications API to simple bots in Slack and Telegram based on their own interests.


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