SEC stands for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which is an agency of the federal government responsible for securities regulation. The SEC has been filing lawsuits against ICOs that it believes to be fraudulent, and is generally considering its role in the oversight of digital currency trading.

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Ripple Faces Its Doomsday. Will XRP Be Recognized as a Security Next Week?

Here's what you should expect from a Wednesday court hearing on the XRP securities lawsuit
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Telegram to Ask Court Not to Classify Gram Tokens as Securities During February Hearing: Details

The February court hearing is expected to put an end to the legal battle between Telegram and the SEC by determining whether Grams are securities
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SEC Doubles Down Its Attack on Telegram's TON Project, Claims That Postponement Is Unacceptable

The SEC is certain that Telegram will continue violating the law if allowed to move forward with the TON network launch
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Telegram Pushes Deadline for TON Launch, Wants to Make Deal with Investors

Telegram states that investors can get their money back if they do not want to extend the deadline (well, most of it)
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Telegram Token GRAM Rejected - $1.7 Billion ICO halted by the SEC. What Comes Next for One of the Most Ambitious Projects?

$1.7 billion halted, 1 billion tokens at risk of being banned in US territory. What comes next for TON and its investors?